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By on December 10, 2013
how to increase seo

How to increase SEO conversions and drive more traffic to your blog is one of the dominant concerns of the modern day social media manager. Without traffic to your blog you won’t get many comments, interactions or social network visibility. That’s why today I am zooming in on long tail keywords and how they can seriously improve your keyword targeting.

A long tail keyword is simply a keyword phrase that is a couple words longer than the average 2 word keyword term. Three or four word phrases have a lot of SEO power.

Why Are Long Tail Keywords Making a Comeback?

Long tail keywords have been around for some time, but they are making a comeback on the scene since the Hummingbird release. Social media managers are realizing that if they are going to invest the time in longer, higher quality content – then at the very least it needs to have a built-in or reachable audience.

Bottom line – SEO experts are re-discovering that these less common keyword combinations allow for faster, easier ranking, especially among websites that publish quality content consistently, like on a blog.

how to increase seo

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Knowing how to increase SEO potential means integrating long tail keywords into your future blog content. For the term ‘social media’ for example, there are millions of people trying to rank for it. The chances of your post reaching page 1 is tiny.

If instead you choose to target a long tail keyword like ‘social media service concerns’ not only will your visitors be more targeted, but there will be a lot more of them, because the phrase naturally has a lower competition weight than your head keyword term.

The Basics Of Researching Long Tail Keywords!

For a fairly comprehensive look at adequate long tail targeting, you need to begin with a topic in mind. Conduct research as normal for a high competition head keyword. (Example social media). Once you have your main keyword term, the research begins.

Fun Fact! Google reports that 15% of ALL search queries that they see on a daily basis are entirely unique, meaning that they have zero competition!

Use a tool like Ubersuggest to scrape Google and recommend long tail keyword variations. Just by typing in ‘social media’ I can formulate a list of long tail keywords that I want to research. Once I have collected ten or so of these I am ready to move on.

how to increase seo

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The next step is to use the Wordstream’s free keyword tool for additional research. Plug in your original head search term and see if there are any interesting long tail suggestions towards the end of the list. Add them to your collection.

THEN! Pop over to Google Trends to see which long tail keyword is performing better on the search engine. Narrow your list down to one or two and use them as your dominant search terms in your next post.

Depending on your niche, Google Trends will help you identify topics that are trending – so create and publish your post right away to capitalise on your long tail keyword selections.

When you understand how to increase SEO potential using these long tail keywords, you will find that your site begins to attract a lot more search engine traffic organically. Alternatively you can use Google Adwords to suggest long tail terms, or another paid tool.

Have you ever used long tail keywords in your blog posts before? What happened to your traffic?

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