As Instagram Follower Growth Rises, Here Are 4 Ways to Get More

By on June 28, 2019

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According to the latest statistics, Instagram, a popular photo and video sharing application, had more than 400 million active accounts monthly about ray 다운로드. It ranked eight among social media sites, whereas Facebook is ranked first as it exceeds 1 billion active users monthly. Still, like Facebook, Instagram also has its share of active account holders which include business entities Channel j. For businesses, it has become a place of free brand promotion with the help of posting new content, videos, and pictures to get high engagement rates Juon 2.

From the beginning, Instagram used chronological order to show the post to users but recently it has announced its shift to the algorithm order of post yes24 다운로드. This algorithm will be based on the certain factors such as user’s interest in that post, user’s relationship with the person who has shared the post, etc Download ms office. on which system will decide post’s order for users. The aim of this shift is to show users what they want to see.

This news of Instagram’s shift has really made many businesses anxious as it can adversely affect their reach to different users and followers Batalion. So brands and businesses are working very hard to get more followers before Instagram’s shift to the algorithm and it seems their effort has paid off download nprotect. According to Locowise’s March report.

  • The number of average Instagram follower has grown almost 60% from that of February, which is less than that of April 2015 Nvidia GeForce.
  • The post-engagement rate has also increased by 1.1% from last month.
  • It shows that brands have more focused on images and has posted 91.23 % of images out of the total post Oh double. They also posted the content 2.45 times per day.
  • The engagement rate was high for images and videos. From the total followers, the engagement rate for images was 1.13% whereas 0.91% for videos 몬스터호텔3 더빙판 다운로드.

This is good but what will happen when Instagram will induce the changes. Let me share some of the tips with you which can help you even after the shift. James Shamsi – a man who can make anything on social media go viral – gives four magic tips to grow Instagram followers organically:

  • Get Personal: James suggests the more you will share little personal things, the more you will attract followers. For example, by adding the name of page admins and then their ages in their profile, you can see considerable growth in the number of followers. So share some of your personal details such as gender, place, age, etc. This helps to build a relationship with users and ultimately get you more Instagram followers.
  • Consistency: The simple rule to get more followers is consistent posts. Instagram can’t work for you if you only post once or twice in a month or week. Go for as many posts as you can and keep these posts transparent to build trust among the audience.
  • Use Instagress type of Programs: Companies like Instagress automate Instagram activity so that you can automatically comment, follow or like people who do certain actions such as following the same person or page, etc. For example, in the case of a small business, if you like or comment on the basis of location, you can reach people from that location more easily.
  • Keep Experimenting: This one is the most important tips is to keep experimenting. Many social media experts say that good and original content with proper hashtags is enough to get more followers but using smaller tactics can help you to achieve much better results.

So don’t go for fixed methods, use your creativity and experiment to increase the number of followers on Instagram.

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