Instagram or Snapchat: Which Is Best Marketing Anchor?

By on October 16, 2017

Instagram was launched in 2010 and gained enough popularity in a less time. After the launch of Snapchat in 2011, both the platforms started giving a neck to neck competition to each other till today. Both are photo sharing platforms and mobile driven apps draftsight 무료 다운로드. Both have a large number of users on daily basis. However, when it comes to choosing between the two then it might be difficult for many marketers as both the platforms have their unique importance.

Marketing is greatly affected by visual content. So visual content campaign play an important role for both these platforms. For taking an informed decision for choosing best platform, you must be aware of all such factors which affect your marketing stats 존맛탱.

Instagram vs Snapchat: stats overview


It has the Facebook like features since its purchase by Facebook. It has following stats:

– Approximately 1 million advertisers

– Around 400 million active users daily

– Approximately 22.2% of millennials prefer Instagram


It has surpassed Twitter users since its release Nano editor. People consider it as “edited life”. The stats are shown below:

– Approximately 15.8% of millennials prefer Snapchat

– Around 150 million active users daily

– More youngsters below or equal to 25 years use 20 times more per day

In this blog, we have outlined various parameters which may help you decide which platform could boost up your business to get maximum benefits.

1) Analytics for both


It provides their own reports which are trackable Dance music. To know the performance of your respective brand, you can check out the metrics like engagement rates, count and Story views.


Each of your story in snap chat gives the analysis of that post by providing the respective count. The only way to get this data is your Story’s view counts and screenshots and this data last as long as your story.

“Always remember to grab your analytical data in snap chat before 24 hrs are up”

Winning platform: Instagram

2) Editing ways and Post creation


It gives you the ability to create your storyline from single photo upload 대사장. In a single post, you can upload multiple photos and videos to show your brand’s storyline. So you don’t need to create multiple posts for multiple uploads. There are options to add geotagged locations and stickers. However, the filter options are less than snap chat.


Disappearing post and messages after a specific time was a great concern in it Download Footfoot Zoo. Now, you are allowed to save your posts or replay your videos. Moreover, any direct chat or snap do not expire but snaps which are part of your story will get disappear after 24 hrs. It offers amazing filtering methods and fun editing as compared to Instagram. Its editing features include geotagged city stickers, text options, selfie filters, stickers, personalized Bitmoji etc 페이스 북 동영상.

Winning platform: Snapchat

3) Advertisements on these platforms


Instagram’s advertising platform is directly linked to Facebook’ ads. Therefore, it is considered as the most robust and targeted advertising platform. Whenever you create a Facebook ad, you find the option to include Instagram as the advertising platform 우리말 더빙. Moreover, Ads in Instagram stories and feed are marked with “Sponsored.”


It offers cool, fun and creative advertising options.  Its advertising offerings vary from content to fun. It uses Geofilters which is based on the time and location.

Winning platform: Instagram

4) Engagement and accessibility


It has both private as well as public communication methods Download excavator simulator. It offers large numbers of accessibility and engagement methods. You can like a post, do commenting, save it or send it directly in a message in order to increase the engagement with the post. In addition to it, you can like a comment, respond to Instagram stories, watch live sessions, expands photos or directly message customers.


It has private communication methods Download the Facebook video. It relies upon one-on-one level engagement method. Here you can respond directly to a story or send it to a friend. It doesn’t give many features as Instagram provides to its users.

Winning platform: Instagram

5) Finding new contacts


It can easily explore new contacts by just clicking over to the Explore tab or by browsing the feed. The content in the exploring tab is based upon your activity while interacting with similar accounts.


To explore new contacts in it, you do it via Snapcode, address book or username. New accounts get explored via the content section of authorized publishers. It’s not much flexible as Instagram in searching new contacts.

Winning platform: Instagram


On the basis of above points and as per our research, we have found that the Instagram has the capability to become the best marketing anchor. However, Snapchat is good for those businesses if their target audience consists a large number of youngsters. Both the platforms are continually bringing new features to help marketers in growing their businesses. 

In fact, both the platforms have their place in marketing. Both of these have their unique value, benefits, and challenges. According to your business needs, you can choose the best among the two. The above comparison would surely help you choose best for your business.



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