Is Your Social Media Campaign a Success?

By on May 8, 2020


So you have spent hundreds of hours and dollars building a following on Instagram, Facebook and another social media channels. You see a consistent number of likes and shares for each of your posts, and your following is growing at a steady rate.

Would you call this a success for your investments Easy Clean free?

Assessing the impact of a social media campaign can be tricky. Most metrics that agencies use to demonstrate effectiveness are superficial at best. The number of likes and shares for your posts does not directly translate to sales. Also, depending on the kind of user accounts that engage with your posts, these metrics may not imply success with relatively intangible metrics like brand awareness either Download only on WiFi.

As a business owner, here are some tips to consider while assessing your social media campaign performance.

Start with the objectives 

Measurement of success for any campaign begins with understanding the stated objectives. Do you want brand awareness? Or, do you want sales? Measuring sales is quite straightforward One-touch. However, tracking intangible metrics like branding can be misleading.

Many agencies use engagement metrics like likes and shares as a proxy for branding. However this is not true. This is because brand awareness is not just about creating a presence in front of users you have already acquired. Instead, it is about capturing new users from your target group Free congering.

For this, make use of tools like BrandMentions to track mentions of your brand across social media channels as well as across other platforms. You may also go a step further and study the profile of the users sharing information about your brand, whether these are users who have been acquired already or if these are new users, and the context and sentiment behind their share friends season 1 다운로드.

All this information mapped against your social media investments can provide you with the real picture of your campaign performance.

Study Investment vs. Returns 

Another way to measure campaign performance is to see the investments you have made and the returns you have measured. To be sure, investments here refer to the person-hours spent as well; not just monetary spend.

When looking at investments, it is also important to perform an asset-audit. To do this, pull out your client portal and check out every asset you have created for your social campaigns. Then, measure the number of times it was used along with an aggregated measure of performance.

This helps you understand what assets work and what doesn’t and thus allows you to refine your marketing strategy for the future.

A common mistake while assessing social media campaign performance is to only attribute results to the posts made for social media. However, the results of your campaign are also equally dependent on the landing pages you create for your campaign.

Study your various landing pages to see what has contributed to the results and what has not. If you have hired several copywriters for your project, you may also study the performance of pages contributed by these different copywriters to see whose work has had a positive impact on your ROI.

Analyzing your investments from various perspectives will give you a fair idea of what’s working and what’s not and this will help you plan for future campaigns.

One thing that will be apparent from these tips is that social media marketing is not a standalone entity and success here is a combination of your investments and success across other marketing channels that includes content marketing, search marketing, and email.

For example, one of the key elements of social media virality is outreach. Sending outreach emails to fellow social media marketers to share and interact with your post can have a dramatic impact on the reach and returns from your campaigns.

Whether you want to call this email marketing or social media marketing, the truth is that there is a lot of overlap among various marketing campaigns and looking at them holistically is important to understand the overall returns of all your various investments.

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