Iwipa Horror on Facebook! Facebook Pages Missing…

By on December 2, 2011

Iwipa is a popular Facebook landing page application, with over 80 000 users that have shaped their strategies around this free app. A few days ago, thousands of Facebook users clicked on their business pages, only to discover their app was disabled, and their content was missing 카운트다운 영상! What happened?

The Iwipa Debacle, Not Solved

Iwipa is pleading with Facebook for help. Some time a couple days ago, Facebook decided to disable the application – for reasons as yet unknown 알카트라스 탈출. Iwipa is wildly popular, so this move has mystified the Facebook community. If you’re looking for answers, then you’ll need to join the ranks of thousands of other business owners 미스리메신저.

You’re all in the dark – not because Iwipa has put you there, but because Facebook made a decision, and decided not tell anyone about it. That decision affected so many people, it’s mind blowing 대난투. Do they care? We’re not so sure.

A tweet went out to Facebook 3 hours after the app was disabled. “@Facebook We have no idea why you disabled our application, it serves 80K users Download Saitul 2. This happened 3 hours ago, please help.” The most disturbing news is that user content is gone too. Is Facebook starting to remove free applications that allow fans to host content there Ultravnc?

Some say yes. If this happens, it’s going to cost business owners a lot of money. You’ll have to pay for SSL certificates and specific domains x-force 2015. One thing is for certain – Facebook is making a lot of changes. First there was the image SSL certificate debacle, which forced businesses to find certified hosts for their page images 신의 지문.

Now, it appears as though Facebook is moving against applications, the question is WHY? We’d love to know their master plan. Perhaps they’re consolidating, and figuring out new ways to earn money by shutting out the little guy 스타크래프트 인공지능 패치. Who knows!

But be wary – Facebook pages are changing – and we’re all going to have to adjust.

The Other Little Hiccups

Remember when Facebook removed page email functionality 무료 배경음악? You can’t directly email your fans anymore – you can only contact personal friends that way. That was another major disappointment, and brought many perfectly functioning Facebook strategies to a grinding halt. Is Facebook ruining the appeal of their business pages?

They better be careful now that Google+ is out there, nipping at their heels. In the meantime Iwipa issued an announcement to their users. You can download a temp app from a new page they’ve created, which will bring back all of your content.

Get your Iwipa content back here.

Its times like these that we’re reminded of Facebook’s power. With one click they can ruin the hard work and effort of thousands of business people. Let’s just hope that whatever prompted Facebook to disable Iwipa, goes away.

If they strike a deal, we have some semblance of hope for the future. If they don’t…we might all have to move over to Google+.

In the meantime learn how to use other Facebook features here.

What do you think of the Iwipa debacle?

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