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By on November 5, 2013
common LinkedIn mistakes

Common LinkedIn mistakes may run into the hundreds, but for the sake of world peace day this month, I am bringing you five of the worst mistakes that you can possibly make on the platform Download the Hangul 2007 trial. Warning! This blog post will change the way you use LinkedIn forever…you could be making these horrible mistakes right now. Read on and find out!

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#1: The LinkedIn Mistake That Makes People Angry

The first of the common LinkedIn mistakes is to never, ever spend time building an email list, only to spam people will horrible sales and even worse sales pitches scrivener 다운로드. No-one likes to be sold to, and you will find your connections thinning out over time, like a poorly made hairpiece.

Instead! Only send a maximum of 1 LinkedIn mailer per week 악동뮤지션 항해 mp3. Make darn sure that your mailer adds some value to your list, or they will unsubscribe.

#2: The LinkedIn Mistake That Makes People Hate You

The second of the common LinkedIn mistakes will make each and every connection a mountain instead of a molehill 나는 왕이로소이다 다운로드. Do not think that sending strangers the standard LinkedIn message is good enough Youtube 자막 다운로드. When you have seen your fortieth one for the day, believe me that individual is going to hate you. Plus they won’t connect.

Instead! Tell the person you are connecting to how you know them, or WHY they should be part of your network 워드 2016 무료. If you don’t know them, then give them a reason to add you!

common LinkedIn mistakes

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#3: The LinkedIn Mistake That Will Kill Your Credibility Download the sl-m2675fn driver!

The third of the common LinkedIn mistakes will kill your credibility quicker than a duck hunter at an overpopulated duck pond. Your profile needs to be professionally written, and it is about your entire career – not your job Download tabloids and dreamradios. If you don’t spend any time telling your personal career story, don’t expect anyone to believe that you have one.

Instead! Focus on writing at least 500 words on your career thus far Birth of The Mystic Apartment Ghostball. Include highlights, achievements and what you ‘do’ for people in business.

#4: The LinkedIn Mistake That Renders You a Crazy Stalker

The fourth of the common LinkedIn mistakes is perhaps the most ghastly of all. If you want to prove to people that you are completely insane, then forget to turn on your ‘anonymous’ setting when you revisit that particular CEO’s profile for the 50th time. People can see who has visited their pages recently, so be conscious of who you are looking at.

Instead! Switch to anonymous in your settings area for more privacy.

#5: The LinkedIn Mistake That Makes You Look Like a Liar

Recommendations are an important part of having a complete LinkedIn profile. The final addition to these common LinkedIn mistakes has to do with your recommendations. They must be real, and they must be sincere. Recommendations that go on and on about your greatness will seem falsified, or like a friend did them for you.

Instead! Only post authentic and brief recommendations that cast you in a professional and positive light.

Do you have a potentially life-saving LinkedIn mistake to share with our hungry readership? Add in your LinkedIn mistake, and we might do a post on it!

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