How to Leverage Instagram for Better Search Engine Rankings

By on April 2, 2018

Instagram has emerged as one of the most popular social media platforms due to its significantly higher engagement and its mammoth follower base Royalty. Apart from increasing brand awareness, it is possible to use Instagram for search engine optimization to improve search rankings even though Google says that it does not factor in social media 구글 크롬 전체 다운로드. Some useful tips:

Monitoring Instagram Link Success

Since Instagram only allows the website link in the bio section of your account, it becomes essential to track it to know how many of your Instagram followers are clicking on it and going to your website 한게임 윷놀이. A simple way of doing this is by adding tracking code generated by Google URL Builder at the end of the link. You can achieve more consistency by creating a custom link with a name matching your brand eagleget 다운로드.

Change the Instagram Bio Link Often

You should change the link in the bio as frequently as you change your marketing campaigns Download The Jellyard. You can also change the link if you want to direct more traffic to a particular page. It may be worthwhile creating a special landing page every time you run a promotion or give the link to the page of a particular product that you want to drive traffic to Download The Radeon Driver. Think of the URL as a vital link between follower engagement and actual ROI, according to a WalnutSEO consultant.

Use the Location as a CTA

It is possible for you to customize the location of each and every photo that you post on Instagram Download the sound of the dog. You may actually use your location to geotag the photo but even if you are not, you can consider the space as an opportunity for inserting a call-to-action 영화 메가로돈. This can be easily done by just simply entering the name of the location; there is no requirement by Instagram to ensure that it is actually a valid location java 7u80 다운로드.

Research Hashtags

The more popular hashtags may not work the best as they can easily bury your results under a big heap and never be found by your followers 마이크로소프트 오피스 2007 다운로드. Researching your hashtags will ensure that you pick the ones that are most relevant yet unique enough to get you the eyeballs required. There are a large number of hashtag research tools that you can use to find out what your competitors are using. Think about devising branded hashtags that will help both your brand as well as your followers to get better visibility.

Enhance Domain Authority by Developing the Brand on Instagram

When you are active on Instagram, you help to increase the visibility and awareness of your brand. More people are inclined to search for it online and this leads to increased traffic. With consistently high traffic, your domain authority will commensurately also increase over time.


Even though Google does not directly factor in Instagram activity in its search results, there is no denying that it can have an indirect beneficial impact. When you optimize your Instagram account, you help in attracting more traffic to your website. The increase in the website traffic results in better rankings over time.

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