How LinkedIn and Google+ help in Brand Building

By on June 12, 2014

With 300 million active users, Google+ claims that it will overtake Facebook’s 1.23 billion users by sometime in 2016. LinkedIn, by comparison, has 277 million users.

Whether these numbers are real or exaggerated by social media sites is a matter of opinion, but it cannot be argued that social media networking sites are huge and growing, and that they offer brand building opportunities for businesses that participate on their networks icuuc57 dll.

One of the most important elements of growing a business is properly building the business’ brand. How your business participates in these social networking sites will have a significant effect upon how that brand is viewed – by potential customers, vendors, and even competitors.

How LinkedIn and Google+ help in Brand Building

Get the feel of the room before you speak axios 다운로드.

Participate in the discussion threads the same way you would approach socializing at a cocktail party. Really listen, not only to the information being sought and exchanged, but to the mood of the room as well. By doing so, you can structure your posts in a tone and manner that is consistent with other participants 퀸 보헤미안 랩소디. Just like the cocktail party, how you relate to others will determine how welcome you are in the future.

Offer information that your audience needs and wants.

It isn’t difficult to read the general needs of other participants. They want to be provided with news and information that will directly benefit them 이노래. You should discuss your successes (and failures), but keep in mind that readers are less interested in what your business has done or can do than they are in how their own businesses can benefit.

Your presence on the network must be one and the same as your brand Download mkv player.

If excellent customer service is one of your biggest offerings (and it probably should be), you must always come across as someone who wants to help others, rather than just promote your business.

If technical expertise is your company’s forte, you’ll need to display that expertise in a way that others who are less technically adept can easily understand 소닉 레이서. But, while doing so, make sure you never talk down to anyone.

Be professional and social.

If members wanted nothing more than education, they would attend classes. Offer your expertise to fellow network members the same way you would offer it to a good friend dodge. That means you must really listen to what other members want rather than merely listening enough to formulate a response.

Also, make sure to be proactive in developing relationships beyond the limitations of the network. If someone provides you with information you need, follow up with an email or telephone call to express your appreciation. And if you give an individual the solution to a problem they’ve been struggling with, follow up to see if and how the situation has been resolved 화려한식탁.

Leverage your contributions to the dialog.

Don’t be afraid to request referrals when you’ve been an asset to others, but don’t be too blatant in your request. A follow-up to a situation you helped resolve might include phrasing such as, “I’m really glad we were able to get that worked out for you. Don’t hesitate to holler again if you or anyone you know needs further assistance.”

Provide an informative profile page ds4windows 다운로드.

Your profile needs to be informative and up to date including a description of what your business does, the products and services that it offers, and most of all it should include ways to contact the company.

Make sure that it includes the following information: An email address, InMail link (on LinkedIn), phone number, fax number, and physical and mailing addresses and most importantly, a link to your website Free Corerdraw. If your signature file appears on your posts, it should have your business name, a brief description of your business, and a link to your website.

If handled properly, participation on professional social media sites can help in brand building and promote your business.

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