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By on December 16, 2009

This is one of many posts in our “Niche Social Networking  Sites” series, highlighting some of the lesser-known social media sites online.  A solid social media strategy will often incorporate presence on both well-known, and lesser-known social networking sites.  Whether you have a business in this a particular field, are interested in something new, or could use some of the tools provided by a niche site, we aim to provide a sampling of what’s out there.  Got a community you’re involved in that excites you?  Let us know about it Bandit!

List-making is pretty big this time of year.  Kids are writing out their wishes to Santa (or Dad and Mum), while others start think beyond the holiday’s and to the greatest list-making day of all time: New Years Day dll files fixer.

Today’s post is all about bringing you sites where users can connect with others over lists of common goals and interests, or at the very least, find new contacts to meet up with offline.  Enjoy amd driver!


43Things encourages users to write a list of goals (it can be about anything), and post them on this site,  then write about their progress on each goal and rate how it made them feel after accomplishing it.  Users can also network with each other, comment on each others’ goals, or share experiences Coreavc.


Blog about fashion and style, show off your own fashion designs, create wish lists, share your shopping finds, and connect with people who have a similar style Download Nero Express.


Members post links to cool, weird, beautiful or odd merchandise on their profiles and other users vote on them.


Meetup is a social networking site geared towards encouraging members to form their own particular groups in their local communities (groups can range in focus from finance to hiking, and then some).  Groups schedule times to ‘meet up’ online, attract new members, and then get together offline Tekken 7pc.

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