Making the Most of Social Media for Musicians

By on October 30, 2014

For independent musicians, social media is a vital self-promotion tool. Social media for musicians, when leveraged in the right ways, can not only help increase awareness, but also effectively increase fan bases and help artists share their music with listeners all over the world. Additionally, many musicians are also using social media successfully to drive concert ticket and album sales.

However, there are a few common mistakes which many self-promoting musicians tend to make. In this blog, we will take a look at a few of the keys which will enable you to spread your music and reach a whole host of new listeners, and hopefully steer you away from any missteps along the way.

Diversify Your Promotion

Many artists rely heavily on text-based direct promotions designed to pitch their music to prospective listeners.

Direct self-promotion should only account for a small portion of your strategy. Instead, focus more on sharing other materials such as photos or videos (both of live shows as well as music videos).

You can also share links to other sites which are somehow relevant to your music and spread invites to upcoming shows. Don’t rely solely on a sales pitch.

Engage Your Fans

Just because someone likes your page doesn’t necessarily mean that you have won them over. By going the extra step and actually engaging with people – something as simple as a short thank you for liking your page – you open yourself up to people and generate more interest.

In addition, aside from sharing material directly related to self-promotion, consider also sharing simple things which might help your listeners get to know you – stories you find interesting, funny anecdotes – anything which will remind your fans that you’re a person and not just a social media page.

No one likes people who just talk about themselves all the time, and the same goes for musicians.

Not only will engaging people keep you on your fans’ minds, but it can also help you forge valuable relationships which can help you down the road.

Don’t Forget Your Fellow Musicians

Just as you want to make connections with your listeners to keep yourself visible, you need to network and build connections with other artists.

Forging friendships with your fellow musicians can be a mutually beneficial situation. By sharing each other’s work, you can both potentially double your respective fanbases.

It’s not an issue of competition. By promoting other artists, you are not taking listeners away from yourself; you are simply helping another artist widen his or her exposure. That other artist can do the same for you.

This is also vitally important if you ever play live – if you don’t interact with other musicians, you are missing out on many opportunities for gigs or other events.

Branding Ties it All Together

Feelings on things such as logos and formal “brands” are understandably mixed amongst musicians. But when we mention branding, it doesn’t have to be in the most literal sense.

Branding can be simple things like:

  • Keeping all of your social media pages tied to a distinctive color scheme
  • Making use of a characteristic design element or certain recurring images and patterns

This will help tie all of your diaspora profiles together into a unified, cohesive presentation.

Consider Professional Help

As an emerging artist, you have enough on your plate. Worrying about marketing isn’t the best way to spend your valuable resources.

Rather than try to do all the tasks yourself, outsource some. Let someone else manage your social media marketing. Effective social media marketing is difficult to master. A professional who has studied the concept and has the time to experiment with methods has a better chance of reaching a wider audience.

That doesn’t mean you need to relinquish total control or spend a fortune. Staying involved in the process—even if it is distantly—helps ensure the safety of your brand while freeing up time for music creation.

And lots of professionals are willing to manage only a small portion of your outreach endeavors. You don’t need to hire someone to do everything; starting with social media marketing is a great way to test the waters.

There is no golden method for promoting your music online – your approach will vary depending on your genre, style, fanbase and aesthetic. However, these general and widely applicable tips will help you draw most effectively from the vast and useful resource of social media.

If you intend to have any kind of social media presence in the music world, take advantage of the resources at hand.

Know of any great social media tips for musicians? Share them in the comments section! 


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Jessica Velasco works for a marketing firm, interacting with clients in a wide variety of niches. She has seen first-hand what does and doesn’t work—as well as industry-specific trends of importance. You can find Jessica on Google+.

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