Three MUST-USE Tools to Optimally Time Your Social Media Posts

By on March 13, 2014

One question that we tend to receive a lot of is,”What is the best time to schedule new content for Facebook and Twitter?”

While there is plenty of data out there that suggests the best days and times to post, the only way you will really know is to test and measure the data for yourself and your business accounts 웹 애플리케이션.

Luckily, there are tools that will help make your life easier when it comes to finding out when to post.

Three Must-Use Tools to Optimally Time Your Social Media Posts

Facebook: Insights

There is plenty of useful data under the Insights dashboard, but for today’s post we will only focus on the topic of importance: Optimal timing Download the return article.

When you open up your Facebook Insights dashboard, there is a tab that reflects data for Page Posts Download Taizen.

Under the “Posts” data section, there is a tab that shows you “When Your Fans Are Online” for the most recent 1-week period 구름입력기 다운로드.


As you hover over each day, the times will generally change as user behavior adjusts throughout the workweek and into the weekend 디즈니 타잔 게임.

A best practice for scheduling Facebook content is to post only 2-3 times a day, spaced apart by roughly four hours between posts. Also, text-only posts for brands are now penalized by Facebook’s algorithm… so be sure to mix up your status updates by including all forms of content with images, videos, and URL links making up the majority of them Crime City High Definition.

Twitter: Followerwonk and Tweriod

For Twitter, different studies suggest different “optimal times” to post and often they suggest that, while your followers may be more active during the daytime, click-thru rates on articles tend to be highest in the evening. One reason for this is that Twitter, unlike Facebook, has millions of accounts who are considered “active” when they are merely posting through automated social media tools while they are at work 컴퓨터 절전모드.

Both Followerwonk and Tweriod offer account analysis functions that will give you a brief snapshot of the “Most Active Hours” of your Twitter followers Hello Coco Mont.

Followerwonk also provides additional detailed analysis of your Twitter followers, but for now just take a look at the image below in order to figure out their Most Active Hours:


First, you will need to click the tab that says “Analyze Followers” and be sure to use the dropdown box in this menu next to the search box to “Analyze Their Followers.” After Followerwonk runs the analysis, it will display the info for “Most active hours of *Account’s* followers” based on the Timezone of the user True image.

For Tweriod, you’ll want to log in under the correct Twitter account and then Request an Analysis. After the tool crunches the numbers, it will display the following data that can be broken down further by weekdays vs weekends.

In general, I tend to side more with the data provided by Followerwonk, as Tweriod offers their free analysis only on your past 1000 followers. However, it’s a good idea to use both to compare the data from each in order to get a clearer picture of total active followers vs most recent active followers Download the Google Chrome plugin.

One huge benefit of using Followerwonk and Tweriod are that they allow you the option to export these optimal times directly to Buffer. Find out how to use Buffer in our previous blog here.

Maximize the Reach and Exposure of Your Posts

These are the two main social networks for which we get asked the question,”When should I post?” However, there are other useful tools and data available to you that you should also be aware of besides Facebook Insights, Followerwonk, and Tweriod.

At the end of the day though, you must split test and measure the data properly in order to pinpoint exactly when posts are receiving the most engagement, click-thrus, and overall exposure to your particular audience.

We hope our tips today have helped you to increase the reach of your social media posts, and let us know if you have found any other tools that can help others as well!

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