Neigh! Do NOT Mass Unfollow Twitter Followers! Here’s Why #Twitter

By on January 21, 2014
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To mass unfollow Twitter followers in January is a tradition in the social media community. With the 15 day long Chinese New Year coming up, I have decided to give you a few very important reasons why you should NOT mass dump a bunch of your ‘authentic’ Twitter followers this year 한컴 타자연습 2010. It’s the year of the horse, and I say ‘neigh’ to mass unfollows!

Mass unfollowing is part of a Twitter automation tactic that can actually damage your online reputation, or prevent you from connecting with influencers originlab 무료 다운로드.

The Mechanics of Automated Unfollow Software

Okay so Twitter is not the easiest platform to develop and grow as a small business owner Download the Transformers game. That is why so many Twitter users have succumbed to bad practices when trying to grow their own Twitter community feeds.

To mass unfollow Twitter users, many social media managers use ‘unfollow tools.’ These atrocious tools actually unfollow Twitter users that did not follow you back, once you added them Download the recital notes. Imagine the process!

You randomly follow 1000 Twitter users, and within a short space of time, those that did not follow you back are unfollowed Download melon songs. I know it’s the year of the horse, but that doesn’t mean you have to add people as fast as you can to build a brand ‘community.’

Step 1: Do NOT add thousands of people that you do not know Detroit Metal City movie!

Why? Because when you mass unfollow Twitter users you are most likely connecting with ‘marketing’ accounts that instantly follow ANYONE back all-in drama. Any social media manager or individual that knows how to use Twitter will check your account first. They will recognize that you are adding tons of people just for numbers and they WILL NOT follow you hrd 프로그램 다운로드.

What? Yes! That means that you are actively excluding genuine, highly engaging REAL people from your business community.

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Step 2: Do NOT use a mass unfollow Twitter program winscp 다운로드.

Why? It’s a bad practice, unless you have manual control and an account with 50,000 or more people that makes trimming down the ranks harder than normal 역도요정 김복주 1화.

What? People that use these programs are often marketers. Real social media managers add people as they use Twitter, ensuring that their feed only contains quality information for proper curation, research and community engagement functionality.

Step 3: Do NOT drop your numbers down all at once.

Why? A mass exodus will make your authentic fans nervous. If your small business account has 60,000 follows and 35,000 followers it is a clear indication that your account is spammy. Some people may overlook that. But a mass exodus that happens regularly is going to sound those alarms bells. Anyone worth having on your feed may leave.

What? By automating a mass unfollow Twitter campaign, you are telling all of your real fans that you are resorting to bad practices to get numbers.

Bottom line, Twitter is about building up your followers manually, using authentic techniques and real engagement. Simply following, then unfollowing thousands of people will make your feed a mess, your community a joke and your sales potential will plummet. Say neigh to mass unfollows on Twitter! Happy upcoming Chinese New Year!

Have you ever used an automated mass unfollow Twitter program? How did it work for you?

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