NEWS! YouTube Comments Integration: The Whole Nightmarish Story #YouTube

By on November 17, 2013
Youtube comments

YouTube comments stopped working a few days ago, until everyone realized what was going on. Google+ comments were replacing them. Now you must have a Google+ account to comment on YouTube, and the world hates it ahclient.dll 다운로드. Even YouTube’s founder Jawed Karim, joined the thousands of protests that continue even as we speak. Let’s investigate.

“Why the f*** do I need a Google+ account to comment on a video?” said Jawed, adding his voice to more than 500,000 complaints about the integration change 손 the guest 9화.

The Scoop on What Really Happened With YouTube

Google announced their integration plans back in September already, to an already disgruntled audience that is beginning to see through the ‘Google haze.’ YouTube comments have always been risky, with lots of trolls on the platform Black Desert Client. It was part of the unique YouTube charm that made it such a successful network. Reading those comments was fun!

With this new move, there will almost certainly be less trolls on YouTube than ever before – which is nice in theory Azuuniversity software. The problem however, is that now you can’t comment anonymously on YouTube anymore 유성화원 2018 ost. This means that Google just force down the likelihood of comments on all of your video assets. That is NOT good for marketers.

Youtube comments

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Google is driving forward an agenda to force users to create a real-world social profile that they can use to track all movement and engagement on the internet Paladoc Bugpan apk. This is big money for them, but it also takes a lot of user freedom away at the same time.

Why Are People So Very Angry at Google?

These YouTube comments now require a Google+ login, which will validate who you are 19 downloads of Bad Detective. You will only be able to comment according to the linked accounts you already have with Google. They want to know what you’re doing, saying and sharing ALL the time Download The Mighty Byung-Hun.

The entire YouTube culture was built on free expression – the ability to troll, or add positive discussion to a video if it impressed you enough 디태치먼트. Now, this will fade away. Multiple petitions have popped up all over the internet calling for Google to stop their shenanigans and return YouTube to its former commenting glory word smart mp3 다운로드.

“YouTube and Google: Bring back the old comment system and stop forcing Google+ on those that don’t want it,” said one 36,000 strong petition on

Other petitions containing 110,000 signatures have been submitted, along with 430,000 forum complaints.

What Does Google Have To Say About The New Comment System?

“Starting this week, when you’re watching a video on YouTube, you’ll see comments sorted by people you care about first. If you post videos on your channel, you also have more tools to moderate welcome and unwelcome conversations. This way, YouTube comments will become conversations that matter to you.” – Youtube Blog

In other words, Google is making YouTube an extension of Google+, with the ability to organize comments in a valuable way. It makes sense, it’s just a pity user privacy has to be violated like this.

If Google continues with these aggressive privacy violations, they are going to lose a lot of people to Bing and the other search engines. People will use Vimeo and the other players more often. Rather that, than have every movement tracked of yours online.

“Broadcast yourself indeed.”

How do you feeling about the YouTube comment issue? Are Google right to improve the service, or are they violating people’s privacy?

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