How The Pic.Twitter Native Image Consistently Boosts Your Retweets! #Twitter

By on January 22, 2014

Is pic.Twitter the best way to upload your images to Twitter? Are you using third party platforms to do it? Recent evidence suggests that you can actually get more retweets simply by cutting out the middle man and posting images directly to Twitter Download Ubit Plus. Today I am going to explain why if you want more retweets, pic.Twitter should be your new upload process. is Twitter’s very own native image uploading service Download fedora 10. Others that you may know are from Facebook, Twitpic, Instagram and other social image networks.

The Interesting Study That Proves Retweets Rise

Dan Zarrella, famous for his hugely successful inbound marketing blog Hubspot, conducted a special test to find out if pic.Twitter images were retweeted more often than images coming in from other image networks 페이첵.

• Dan took 400,000 random Tweets
• The number of times each tweet received a native RT (retweet)
• He then compared 4 popular ways to send images to Twitter
• These were from Twitter itself, Twitpic, Facebook and Instagram

The results were amazing Download the language pack! Apparently if you use the native uploader on Twitter (pic.Twitter) you are twice (50%) as likely to be retweeted.

If you reframe this in another way the data can be represented as “Tweets using are 94% more likely to be retweeted.”

How To Maximize Your Retweet Efficiency

Great news, so according to leading experts – using the extension is important Beth and Vera. But now what? How can you leverage and maximize your engagement?


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• Leave space in your image Tweet so that if people want to repost it, they can add in their own opinions on your image or comment Download Vegas 11 Kizen.

• Ask direct questions or start a discussion with specific people (three or so @’s). The image will act as a talking point and will attract those 3 people to respond Download Movie Keeper.

• All Twitter images round off their corners, so go for that instagram look. Thick borders and a grungy faded style, tends to increase engagement on the platform Download my pc Keeper 4.0.

• Clear, emotional images or artistic images get the most response out of people on Twitter, so make sure that yours say something.

• How do you stand out in a blizzard of other tweets 나눔 고딕 otf 다운로드? Use a different color border – red, green or orange to attract the eye to your image.

Don’t forget to track your links so that you can test your own Twitter numbers to see if your niche has similar rates of return Download The Jay Levitt Snack Song. Test publishing the same tweets on different days with different color borders, at different times. All of this data can be used to streamline your Twitter images, and improve your conversion ratios.

If you have been using other image uploaders, perhaps it’s time to switch over to manually uploading your images to Twitter. It is clearly the best route to take if you want to get as much reach as possible out of every tweet.

Have you ever tested your image stats on Twitter? If not, then why?

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