Pinterest Christmas Ideas? 4 Surprising Takeaways On Board Building #Pinterest

By on December 29, 2013
Pinterest Christmas Ideas

How can Pinterest Christmas ideas lead to a better board strategy next year? Easy! This year we saw thousands of top notch brands cashing in on the Christmas madness 스캐터. It taught us a lot about something in particular – pin boards! Today, I am going to share with you exactly what the festive idea boards taught us about creating pins Download Windows 10 Pro.

A pin board is a board that you create on Pinterest, where you can upload or curate specific, themed images or video for your brand community 암산축구. The better your boards, the higher your community numbers and interactions!

#1: The Ugly Side of Christmas Cheer

Pinterest Christmas ideas are usually very artistic, crafty and fun Download Little Fox. For a brand, this can be challenging to execute if you are not part of the whole ‘house and home’ niche. Instead why not create an interesting board on things people don’t like – like Ugly Christmas Sweaters did rldea.dll 다운로드! People are hugely entertained by genuinely ugly apparel.

• Can you use this idea to come up with some interesting New Year’s promotions? How about the ugliest/worst New Year’s hat board for your brand ms visio 2016 다운로드?

Pinterest christmas ideas

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#2: Unusual Works On Pinterest Too Download the sound file!

This year we noticed a rush of strangely painted nails – reindeer designs, Christmas carol themes, even detailed snowflakes on green and red paint Download the live annoyance. This just goes to show that if you have an opportunity to be creative in an unusual way, people will share and engage with your boards. Christmas nails, birthday nails, New Year’s nails, this business must be rocking 경선식 다운로드!

• Ask yourself, how can my product or service-based business help my customers get in the spirit of the holidays? Upload unusual images and watch them get shared Download one summer night.

#3: A Strong Theme Grows in Value

If, like many brands on Pinterest, you curated and shared product and service images with a Christmas theme, like you did last year – your board would have ranked higher this year! Sometimes as many as 100,000 people can follow a board with as few as 450 pins. Integrate your curated themed images with your brand images.

• If you don’t have a Pinterest Christmas Ideas board yet, start one this year. Posting all of your images in December is not enough time for you to rank well.

Pinterest christmas ideas

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#4: Interesting Real-Life Context

According to this year’s Pinterest boards, people just love seeing products used by real people in real life situations. It seems as though brands get a better response when people are able to see their products or services in action. Snap a photo of your products in weird scenarios, or get some friends to pose for a customer photo shoot.

• Create a fan board and post pins of people in the real world appreciating and using your products and services. Ask your community to caption them!

If there is one thing we learned this festive season it’s that there is a lot more you could be doing to make your pins more engaging for your pinners. Start working on your boards during the January lull, and before you know it Valentine’s Day will be upon you.

Which of your boards has received the most repins and why? I would love to know.

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