Pinterest Everything! Creating a Personal Board For Your Blog #Pinterest

By on December 29, 2013
Pinterest everything

To Pinterest ‘everything’ is not an easy task as a social media marketer. There is, however, one kind of board that can add significant value to your ‘online persona’ if you let it Dora Remover. I call it the personal pinboard, and it allows your blog readers to get to know you a little bit better. Today, I am going to show you how to create an emotionally relevant pin board 클립 후커.

The average niche blogger needs to understand that the more people know you, the more likely they are to read what you have to say with real interest and response Office 2019 64-bit! That is why a personal pinboard can bring you and your readers closer together.

Building Your Pinterest Blogging Profile

You have your blog, and you have your Pinterest page 슈퍼파워 2. Great! Both strategies seem to be working alright, and you have steady traffic running through both of them. What are you missing? The opportunity to share your life with others, like your readers are doing Karma! Bloggers should not be hesitant about personalizing their social media pages.

It is especially good around Christmas time, when people are swapping images like crazy of their own personal experiences and family fun Download the subtitles for The Mysterious Animal Dictionary2. Where are your family experiences, dear blogger? All brands need to humanize themselves by sharing who their owners and staff are with their blog community Download Europa Universal4. A good step is to set up your own personal pin board.

Creating Your Blogger Pin Board

Assemble your team, and have a meeting. This year the New Year’s office party is going to make a cameo on your business Pinterest page 나의아저씨 ost 다운로드. You should also post personal images of your private family experiences as well. Christmas is a time for giving, so give these images freely so that fans and pinners can connect with your blog on a whole different level Download the nuclear drawing.

Pinterest everything

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  • Create a strong name for your pin board ‘The Brand X Family’ for example Download the sound booster. You can also use the words, ‘personal’ as your pinners will get the idea that this board is different from all of your other themed, product or service boards.
  • Share some personal images of yourself, based on your year working on the blog. They can be family, friend or work images – as long as they project the positive, clean culture that you want for your business. Think of the Facebook ‘year in review’ only on Pinterest – and available for your fans to see.
  • Pinterest everything! No really, consider planning to take at least 3-5 pictures for your personal Pinterest board whenever the occasion arises. People want to share in your triumphs and failures, so let them.
  • Come up with engaging personal image ideas for your boards. Do collages for each blogger on the ‘things they love’ or work with different topics to bring them closer to your readership – ’10 things I hate,’ or ‘books I read this year.’

When you are done putting up your personal Pinterest board for your blog, create a blog about it. Explain why you have put the images up and refer your readers to it. Make sure that you caption each image properly so that traffic flows from Pinterest to your blog as well. If you want to sweeten the deal, add an incentive for new email sign-ups.

Use your Pinterest personal board to relate to your reader! How do you use Pinterest to enhance your owned media properties?

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