Pinterest Strategy Update: The Down-Low on Ads and Bookmarking

By on September 30, 2013
Pinterest strategy

Pinterest recently announced their move to introduce advertising on the site. This, along with the recent mobile bookmarking improvements – and social managers everywhere seriously need to update their strategies 르네의 사생활 다운로드. Here is what you need to do to keep your Pinterest strategies working in your favor.

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Pinterest Becomes an Ad Platform

We saw it coming, and now it has arrived. Pinterest has ads 허니뷰! Four years down the track and the site is finally monetizing itself. Coming soon will be special promotion pins that you can pay for, with all the functionality that you get from ads on Facebook and Twitter Download the touchpad driver.

The crucial difference being that Pinterest is already a high-conversion marketing tool for small businesses looking for product or service sales 꽃보다할배 리턴즈 다운로드. This could potentially be a much safer investment for business owners that have small budgets, but expect large outcomes with social media advertising 알파스캔 i-menu.

  • Pinterest is already the #1 referral network with 85.2% of total traffic, as opposed to Facebook (8.3%) Hangouts pc.
  • Pinterest is primed for mobile – which is where it’s all going anyway. Plus the marketing team has promised not to litter the platform with ugly banner ads 영화 추적. All advertisements will be natural pins, so that the site remains relevant.
  • While mobile ad clicks are still better on Facebook, the introduction of these new ‘promoted pins’ might see that change in the near future camera raw.

Pinterest Strategy Change

• Start monitoring the early ad campaigns on Pinterest when the pin-ads launch. If they do well, hop on the bandwagon quickly. Pinterest may potentially be an incredibly high click-through rate ad investment, built for mobile sales.

Pinterest Expands Into The Bookmarking Arena

Pinterest is trying hard, and I am impressed. They have invested millions into expansion – but doing it the RIGHT way, to not upset their current user base, but also to carve out new niche areas for them to move into as a mobile-centric company.

Pinterest strategy

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A new update was released called the ‘article’ pin, which has been designed to help publishers (and content creators like you) gain more reach over time. They will do this by encouraging people to save and share the pins later, like a bookmarking service does.

These ‘article’ pins will include extra information like a headline, who the author is, a story description and a link to the source on the pin itself. It’s a brilliant move on the part of the Pinterest team, as it will make curation and content creation on the site a lot better.

Pinterest Strategy Change

  • Improved SEO potential with ‘meta-detail’ style information added to these pins
  • Get your blog posts read more often by immediately integrating this sharing tactic into your social media campaign
  • Pinterest can also be used to promote your other longer content now, articles, whitepapers, case studies, ebooks and marketing reports
  • Use Pinterest as a curation tool by adding it to your toolbar

Use these Pinterest strategy updates to improve your current Pinterest marketing strategies. If you do this continually, you will not need to invest serious finance into paid media options for your small business.

Do you like the new Pinterest ads, or do you think that ads are going to ruin the platform?

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