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By on September 11, 2013
Pinterest curation

Pinterest is first and foremost an image sharing social network. It exists to help people find and curate images that they love. But how can a keen social media manager use Pinterest to discover new content, images and videos Download The Kindle? Today I’m going to show you how, so that Pinterest becomes one of your key curation networks.

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Building Pinterest Into a Valuable Social Property

Pinterest is a great place to find incredibly interesting pieces of content – whether it’s a link to a good blog, a stunning image, or a jaw-dropping video clip 센차터치. There are even people in the world that curate products that they love.

Content curation is a savvy way for a young brand to source and store information that they can use to build the value of their social properties ddos tool. When you share a Pinterest image on Facebook or upload one to Twitter – you are creating a content syndication network Fedora 6.

Now in the past, content marketers and social media managers would hoard their images on Flickr, their videos on YouTube and keep everything siloed and disconnected 멜론에서 음악 다운로드. These days you don’t need to do that!

Instead, you can use Pinterest as a media organizer. This will come in handy for a huge variety of reasons – here they are 가계부 다운로드.

• Blog post ideas have to come from somewhere
• You always need great images for all of your social properties
• Comments are nicer for videos on Pinterest, negating the YouTube troll slander
• Content for marketing materials needs to be better than usual
• Ideas for more videos, podcasts and images
• Sourcing unsolicited testimonials from your product images

Really, the list goes on 강하나 하체 스트레칭 다운로드. That is why you should create boards where you can randomly or systematically store your Pinterest media Adobe.

Pinterest boards

Courtesy of pinterest.com

Creating Content Curation Boards on Pinterest

For a brand, media curation and storage is never simply about ‘putting things on a board that visitors will like.’ Instead, to add a new dimension to your strategy – try creating boards that will help you discover or use fresh content that can be syndicated on other properties cfc 다운로드.

• Lots of powerfully emotional niche images for more clicks
• Really great books with comment reviews for unique niche blog posts
• Quotes with images that resonate with your niche audience
• Videos that have been pre-tested for engagement by real people
• Comments in your niche that can be tweeted and cited for community engagement

If you spend an hour casually curating niche content on Pinterest each day, when you do need a really great idea for your next infographic, or content to use for your next blog post, tweet, Facebook update or Google+ post, you will have dozens to choose from.

It’s a modern way of transforming your Pinterest properties into something quite unique for cross-promotion and marketing on your entire network. At the end of the day, your Pinterest users will still love the relevant content on your curation boards!

Do you think Pinterest can be a powerful content curation tool?

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