Proven Social Media Marketing Tactics That Will Maximize Your Sales

By on August 16, 2019

Statistics estimate that, by the end of 2019, 91% of brands will use social networks.

With such growing competition, getting your online store noticed by the right audiences is more challenging.

To stay competitive, you need to use advanced social media marketing tactics that will boost both your brand awareness and sales.

Here are some of them.

Enable In-App Purchases

With the help of in-app adds, customers can now buy your products directly from Facebook, without visiting your website.

This may boost your sales in multiple ways. First, shopping on Facebook saves your customers’ time. Second, it’s personalized and convenient ppt free. Customers can choose to save their credit card data so they can make future purchases faster.

Share Content Consistently

Sharing valuable content on social networks is an effective way to engage your target audiences and build trust with them. When prospective customers see the value your content is delivering to them, they will trust you enough to buy from you.

For starters, create content for social networks specifically. These could be, for example, inspirational quotes, gifs, and memes. Sharing behind-the-scenes photos and videos and live videos on Facebook will engage your audiences and show the human side of your brand.

You could also create quizzes to generate qualified leads and provide personalized user experiences quicktime. Based on customers’ answers, you will recommend a product that is right for them and provide a link and a CTA button that sends them to a specific product page and motivates them to hit “Buy.”

Sure, sending traffic to your website is just half the job done. If your online store is not optimized properly, the majority of customers will kick it and buy from your competitors. Therefore, when choosing an ecommerce platform and designing your store, always make sure it’s user-friendly, responsive, and secure.

Run an Influencer Campaign

The internet is packed with the sea of brands and products and online customers don’t know who to trust anymore. This is why they put their trust in social influencers. They know that they have invested a lot in their online credibility and image and that they would never endorse low-quality or irrelevant brands Download New People. Customers adore them and listen to their tips when making buying decisions. Namely, 22% of consumers claim that influencers’ endorsements shape their shopping decisions.

Still, to make your influencer marketing campaigns relevant, you need to connect with the influential people in the same industry that target the same audience segments and share your brand’s visions. Most importantly, your audiences should trust them. For example, did you know that people now trust non-celebrity and micro-influencers more than celebrities?

Use Retargeting

When investing in remarketing, you’re continually targeting a customer that has already visited your website 탐정학원q. One of the greatest benefits of these ads is that they can be fully customized, based on users’ preferences and behaviors.

Remarketing has a notable impact on your conversion rates. Remarketed customers are 3 times more likely to click on your ad and are 4 times more likely to convert than new customers. And, this is not surprising, given that you control what audience segments you will target and how.

Grow an Online Community

To increase your sales, you first need to build meaningful relationships with your target audiences. And, this is where building a solid community on social networks may help 삼국지11.

For starters, search for existing groups on Facebook or LinkedIn you may join. If there are no relevant groups out there, you can always create one yourself.

Keep in mind that users join social media groups to connect, ask questions, share experiences, and help each other. This is why you should never promote your brand aggressively. You want to gain their trust by providing valuable tips and insights. Sure, you can link back to your website content and product pages only if they are relevant to your audiences.

Use Hashtags Actively

Optimizing your social media posts for relevant hashtags increases your brand exposure Apple support. For example, if you’re selling organic makeup, you could use hashtags like #organicmakeup, #naturalmakeup, #organiccosmetics, etc. Therefore, when a user searches for these keywords, your pages and products including these hashtags will appear in front of them.

Sure, you need to choose hashtags relevant to your brand and products. Consider using hashtag research tools like Hashtagify that provides you with a list of hashtags similar to the one you’re targeting. Additionally, pay attention to the way you use your hashtags. Never spam your posts with 10+ hashtags, as this may hurt user experiences. Instead, use them organically to make social media conversations more natural.

Build Trust with Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

Online customers trust online reviews as much as their friends and families’ recommendations, studies say Autocad 2013 Korean Edition. This is why you need to encourage customer feedback and use it to gain your prospective users’ trust.

For starters, enable social media reviews and ask customers to write testimonials and share them online after purchasing from you. Don’t be afraid of customer’ reviews. Be they positive or negative, observe customers’ insights as an opportunity to understand your audiences better and address their problems more effectively.

You could also encourage user-generated content. Many brands like Starbucks even create social media contests to generate tons of high-quality user-generated content they can use to boost brand reputation 아메리칸 오지.

Provide Real-Time Customer Support

Today’s social media users expect brands to address their problems in real-time, regardless of the time of day. And, if you don’t meet their expectations, they will stop buying from you.

There are numerous ways to improve your customer support using social networks.

For starters, you could use social media monitoring tools to track brand and product mentions. This is how you will join relevant customer conversations in real-time, understand customers’ sentiment, and solve their problems faster.

Chatbots are also helpful.

First, they are based on artificial intelligence, meaning that they provide relevant, accurate, and easily understandable answers to each customer 핑크 노이즈.

Second, they are interactive. Solid scripts will humanize your brand and boost users’ experiences.

Third, chatbots make browsing experiences simpler. Instead of wasting time browsing through your social networks and website product categories, a customer can simply ask a bot to help them find the desired product.

Above all, chatbots provide personalized experiences. For example, Sephora’s bot first asks customers about their product preferences and then makes product recommendations.


There is no uniform social media marketing strategy that may work for you Single Alt-to-Bit. To increase sales, you need to experiment with your social media tactics and use them creatively. Remember that big brands never prioritize sales. They put their customers’ demands and satisfaction first. So, share valuable content, provide faster customer support, and personalize buying experiences to build lasting customer relationships. Leverage word-of-mouth marketing and influencer marketing to gain users’ trust. Most importantly, provide seamless user experiences both on your website and social networks to guide a customer down the sales funnel towards converting.

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