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By on May 29, 2013

I recently wrote a post on blog commenting and quickly realized that many bloggers don’t even know what a blog comment policy is! That’s why the post today is dedicated to getting your blog comment policy up and running. It will help you ward off unwanted spammers and will make your community feel good about their involvement.

What is a Blog Commenting Policy 영웅 서기 4 apk?

Traditionally, a blog commenting policy is a simple document that is drawn up – which outlines what people using your blog can and can’t say in the commenting areas. This should be available as a link below your blog posts, or to the right of your blog roll for all to see. You can also make it available to users as they need it android http 파일 다운로드.

#1: Crowd-sourcing Your Blog Commenting Policy

I find the best way to formulate a good blog commenting policy, is to have your existing community help you do it. After all, they use your blog most – and they also want to keep the comment areas clean, neat and appropriate. Create a few questions to put in your next email newsletter, blog post or Facebook poll P Spice.

In this document ask your fans what they should be able to say on your blog, and what they shouldn’t be allowed to say. You’ll be surprised at the results! Sometimes the ‘spammy’ people want to genuinely comment, but they don’t know how. Your policy should give an example of a promotional post that you do allow Download the pod player!

For example:

“Great post! I like how you explained X in the Y section, but don’t you think that X has its own set of concerns?” Katie Blogreader, www.buythisstuff.com

This would be considered a borderline post by most bloggers. They just wouldn’t know if you were a spambot, a spammer, or a real person. The fact that the link is in the post, is not great. Most links should be left in designated areas, it’s only polite 워크래프트 소설.

Now take this post:

“I agree with you that X causes all these additional problems in business. I myself was once tricked into putting X in my store, and it lost me sales. I should have taken your advice and added X and Y together. I’ll be sure to do it in future, thanks to your advice John.”

The comment is clear, real and friendly, a perfect comment vray 2014 다운로드! The users website URL went in the designated area, so he still got his backlink. Everyone wins!

#2: Outlining What You Will Not Accept, Ever

I’ve seen some funny blog comment policies over the years, including a humorous take on comments that are plainly generated by a machine. What should you be putting in your ‘banned’ list? Here are some ideas:

Spambot comments are not allowed: If your comment even resembles a spambot comment, don’t bother leaving it here 별에서 온 그대 영어자막 다운로드. It won’t be published!

Promotional comments: Comments blatantly advertising products, services and people are not allowed – unless I’ve specifically asked for them. This is especially true if they say nothing of value, and obviously come from a spambot.

Angry, horrible, harassing comments are not allowed: If you have a problem with me, my blog, what I’ve said or just want to troll my community members, don’t do it here binding of isaac. Your comment will not be posted. If you have a criticism of value to add to the conversation, then by all means. But don’t be horrible!

No swearing ever, even pretend swearing: This is a family blog and we do not allow curse words, or the new, hip ‘pretend’ cursing like Sht, Sh*t, or any variations of the word it is implying.

No anonymous comments please: If you are going to comment on this blog, you need a name – even if it’s a nickname or a fake name Arc Survival free. But not putting in a name at all is just lazy and your comment will be deleted.

Any other comment I deem inappropriate: I reserve the right to remove any comments off the blog that I don’t fancy. If you want to know why I deleted your profound comment, please email me and I’ll let you know.

#3: Spend Time on What They CAN Do

Your fans can comment in a variety of fun and business-centric ways 파라노이악. After all, you’re not a monster that only wants flattering comments! Leave them a step-by-step outline on what they can say, and they will say it!

You CAN get a backlink: If you want a backlink from my blog to yours, then I suggest actually reading this blog post and saying something worth reading. Then you are sure to get that backlink you so desperately desire! Simply remove all spam from the comment, and write it from scratch.

You CAN agree and disagree with the blog: I invite any and all constructive arguments and discussions when I post a blog. But be civil, or you will be moved into the CAN’T category.

You OWN your comment: This means that you are liable for what you say, not me. That means if your comment causes offense to someone I will not be held liable.

Here’s What a Great Comment Looks Like! You’ll be surprised how many marketers don’t know how to use a commenting system properly. They believe that mass comments are how it’s done! Correct this terrible assumption in your blog commenting policy.

#4: Syndicate Your Policy For Visibility

To make sure that some of your community reads your blog commenting policy, send it out in your next email, on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+.

Make sure that everyone gets to see it. Then the next time someone says, “I keep posting comments, but they are never published.” You can say – because they violate my blog commenting policy that I syndicated on X date, and made available to everyone on my blog at this link.

You’re looking for commenters that are caring, honest and respectful of your work. There are far too many spammers, marketers and trolls that are allowed to cause havoc on nice blogs. Put an end to their tyranny by publishing your new blog commenting policy soon!

Do you have a blog commenting policy yet?

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