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By on February 28, 2014
video website marketing strategy

Need an example of a great video website marketing strategy? If your small business is launching a video website this year, then you will need to know the best ways to market it to your potential community of buyers Download The Mamme Romfile. Today I am taking a look at what makes a video website attractive and how you can use it in a quality marketing strategy.

They are calling 2014 ‘the year of the video’ which means that if you haven’t jumped on board, there is still time get up. Video is the highest converting content online.

What Is a Video Website Marketing Strategy?

If you own a business that creates videos, it makes sense to have a business website that is geared towards showcasing these videos winmax 반주기 다운로드. Of course with YouTube, Vimeo and all the other top video sites online, what chance do yours have of ever being seen Autocad 2013?

The trick is to integrate YouTube success with your own video website first. When you use YouTube as your top social network it changes your marketing strategy quite a bit 앨빈과 슈퍼밴드.

While a traditional marketing strategy may look like this:

Website > sales pages > social media > bookmarking > third party platforms

A video website marketing strategy should look like this:

Video > YouTube > website > social media > bookmarking > third party platforms

A good strategy will consist of all of those great things that make up a normal strategy, including SEO, copy, content and promotion – with one key difference You shouldn't be without. You are going to place YouTube video promotion ahead of your other promotional goals.

video website marketing strategy

Courtesy of Youtube.com

How Do I Use YouTube To Promote My Video Website Download Windows Server 2003?

Your YouTube channel will act as the social broadcasting center for your brand. Because video is the main type of content that you create or receive, all other content should be shaped or based on it Rix Square Gothic font.

When you have video as a key piece of content, you can create the rest of your social content based on what you are going to place on YouTube college textbook. That way when your video and other content goes live, traffic will be fed through to your website, or your YouTube channel.

You benefit both ways by capitalizing on leads that land on your video website, and by getting more video views for an instant SEO boost chrome web browser. Google loves video creators!

What Will The Basic Strategy Look Like?

Assuming your video website is up and running, and so is your social channel – the next time you have to post a video on your blog, the flow will look like this:

Video > Blog post based on video > Facebook post based on blog > Tweets based on blog > LinkedIn post based on blog > Pinterest image stills based on blog > Google+ mini-blog post based on blog, and whatever other social networks you use.

Your video will appear on YouTube, and will be embedded or uploaded with the YouTube player, on your website. Savvy marketers will leverage their videos for ad income to supplement their video promotion campaigns.

Have you ever thought of creating a video blog, or website? Tell me about it.

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