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By on February 3, 2014

Welcome to our Newsletter: “This Week in Social Media!”
It’s SEO Week!

Our Social Media Manager, David Ahn, discusses the importance of staying updated on all the changes to SEO strategy in this intro 그랜드종합주석 다운로드.

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Hello everyone, this is David Ahn – Social Media Manager at SMMU – and welcome to This Week in Social Media Why do you download it with me out there.

Our subject this week is Search Engine Optimization and, like many other forms of marketing, it is a constantly evolving form of art rather than an exact science Gangster.

Google changes its algorithms each month more than you change your socks.

If you want to continue to compete online, you must stay up to date on the latest strategies Call of Duty Modern Warfare. You also need be aware of all the recent changes that Google and other search engine companies are making to their ranking algorithms.

Don’t worry though, we’ve got two articles for you to review below that will help you with your SEO strategy right away Melisse.

Article number one gives you a quick overview of the last three big Google algorithm changes, and the second article it provides you a checklist that will help you increase your site’s SEO efforts starting today China Immigration Report.

If you want to get your Website ranked higher in Google today, read both of these right now.

And be sure to stay tuned in to our newsletter in the coming weeks as we have a special announcement about a whole new series of online workshops Gary 2002.

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