#SMMUChat Recap: 5 Ways to Connect with Your Best Customers on Facebook

By on December 16, 2011

If you missed #SMMUChat this week, you missed a great discussion on the importance leveraging Facebook to connect with your best customers on Facebook 아름다운 밤 mp3. You also missed our free access offer for Social Media Marketing University’s Strategic PR course!

Among some of the tips and insights shared during the Twitter chat by John Souza, founder and chief strategist of Social Media Magic and SMMU were:

• Because Business Pages cannot interact with Facebook Groups, leverage your personal profile to search for and post in relevant groups that are most likely to have your best customers in them Well download text notifications.

• Incorporate your keywords or key phrases into your Facebook Page or Facebook Group name. When launching a new company, Facebook users aren’t likely to search for “XYZ Marketing Company,” but they would search for “Marketing Advice for Small Businesses.” Therefore, using keywords and key phrases in your Page or Group name helps strategically attract target customers affiliate content.

• Facebook Likes have been proven to be directly connected to driving revenue. So if you want to drive sales from your best customers on Facebook, consistently create Likeable content to post on your page Download Yabeth's Prayer.

• You may have heard the phrase, “Content is King.” Well on Facebook, exclusive content is king. Attract customers by offering content and offers on your Facebook page that they can’t get via your email newsletter, direct mail campaign or in your store or place of business 용형호제 더빙.

• To attract more customers, explore ways that you can use your Facebook page beyond simply posting content and offers. Use apps to facilitate more diverse content, like video seminars, or consider using your Facebook page as a customer service channel Download Eclipse kepler.

Thanks to everyone who joined this week’s chat. If you want more insights from Social Media Marketing University and your social savvy peers, follow #SMMUChat every Wednesday at 8pm EST on Twitter 삼성 노트북 블루투스 드라이버. You can use TweetGrid, TweetChat or create a search column in Tweetdeck to make participating in the chat easier.

Join #SMMUChat on Wednesday, December 21 for our next chat Download photoworks. The topic will be: Attracting More Business with Video Marketing. We’ll be discussing how to strategically integrate video marketing into your social media plan 청혼하는 거예요. Learn how to create compelling video content, leverage YouTube to drive more web traffic, and more.

And remember, all #SMMUChat participants will receive free access to a session of our SMMU Video Marketing course 노을 꿈 mp3 다운로드.

About John Souza

John Souza is founder and chief strategist of SMMU and Social Media Impact, and is a bestselling business author. He won the 2011 Tech Marketing Awards ‘Social Media Marketer of the Year’ and most recently the About.com Reader’s Choice Award for Best Online Education Site. John has appeared on The Michael Gerber Show, and his business has been honored at the Mashable Awards, Forbes Business Awards and The Stevie Awards.

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