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By on January 20, 2010

This is one of many posts in our “Niche Social Networking  Sites” series, highlighting some of the lesser-known social media sites online.  A solid social media strategy will often incorporate presence on both well-known, and lesser-known social networking sites.  Whether you have a business in this a particular field, are interested in something new, or could use some of the tools provided by a niche site, we aim to provide a sampling of what’s out there.  Got a community you’re involved in that excites you?  Let us know about it Download Head Soccer's latest bug edition!

While it’s nigh impossible for any one person to catalog all of the social media sites currently available on the web, we here at Social Media Magic can bring you some of the most interesting niche sites we happen to stumble across Download The Hot Man.

Next in our series on niche social networking sites, here are four sites whose communities are dedicated to supporting, starting, and maintaining social causes.  If you find more quality sites, please feel free to list them in the comments section below Download the Kospi Index.



Billed by itself as ‘the largest online community for healthy and green living, human rights, and animal welfare’ Care2 offers not only a community where users can interact with others holding the same values, but offers tips and blog posts, and a shopping area as well 기어s2 3g 유심 다운로드.

Take Part

A social action site dedicated to offering unbiased information on controversial social issues.  Users can come together and find creative ways to tackle the social issues they care most about, whether it be human rights, saving polar bears, or any other topics 론리플래닛 다운로드.


Take action on green issues that matter to you by creating a profile, and networking with other members in various green campaigns, or, start a campaign of your own twisty road apk 다운로드.

Changing The Present

At Changing The Present, users can buy charitable gifts or donate to various nonprofits and causes.  Members can create a wishlist of their favorite causes and organizations, or even start a fundraiser for them App Store Wi-Fi.

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