What Would Vader Do? Social Media Management Like a Jedi

By on January 7, 2013

Social media management can sometimes feel like a strange force – THE force on the internet, actually. How do you harness this extreme force and become a master Jedi social manager? Today, I’m going to lead you through this post and teach you to be a powerful person in the world of social media, like Darth Vader in Star Wars.

What is The Social Media Management Force Crime City High Definition?

The ability to manage multiple social media accounts at the same time, with the goal of gaining more exposure, traffic and income from your efforts. This sounds simple, but to a young Padawan social manager it can be nearly impossible.

Darth Vader says: “To master social diversity and multiplicity is simple 컴퓨터 절전모드. Don’t expect to do it on your own, and without the right tools.”

Building Your Social Media Light Saber

No-one can be expected to become a social media management expert without the right tools. For a Jedi, the light saber is the most important tool. Your light saber will be your social media marketing platform or dashboard that you use to manage your accounts Hello Coco Mont.

Choose from our top 5 pick of social media management tools:

1. Hootsuite
2. Vertical Response
3. Argyle Social
4. Sendible
5. Sprout Social

Once you have your social media sites loaded onto your dashboard, managing them will be less time consuming, and in this game, time is everything True image.

Darth Vader says: “Find a social dashboard you are comfortable with using. Don’t just choose the first one you find. Test different options to find the best weapon.”

Social Media Management Like a Jedi

A Jedi is a master of several things, namely: time, patience, defense, attack and mind control. If you can perfect these, you can become a powerful social media manager.

1. Time: Learn to divide your time among your social media sites according to their hierarchy of importance Download the Google Chrome plugin. They must align with your overall goals.

2. Patience: Social media management is about patience, and repetition. Keep working and engaging daily, and eventually you WILL be successful and fully trained.

3. Defense: Make sure that you know what the internet is saying about you, using your social media management tools. Then you can defend against online attacks 애플 아이튠즈.

4. Attack: Sometimes you need to launch a product or service into the market. This is when you’ll use your social media marketing tools to launch an attack on your niche. Hopefully, if your infrastructure is strong, you’ll win the battle.

5. Mind control: Not real mind control! I’m talking about getting folks to like you, whether they want to or not, using content 게임 어떻게 다운로드. Social media management is about using content to bridge the gap between business and consumer.

Darth Vader says: “Learn these traits of a successful social media manager and practice them often. Soon you will become the person you are trying to be.”

The Consistency of Social Media Management

To be a Jedi you have to pay your dues Download Freedom Movie. That means training for years, and then training for even longer in the field. It’s the same with becoming a powerful social media manager. You can only learn so much through theory, inevitably you will have to test things for yourself.

Keep working and trying new things. Come up with new strategies and test them using your light saber! Social media management doesn’t have to be an uphill battle if you are consistent with your methods and tests 무비 메이커.

Work on your social media daily for best results and become a master social media management Jedi!

How do you manage your social media portfolio? Any new tricks for us in 2013?

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