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By on November 25, 2013
Content Marketing 2014

Content marketing has come a long way in the last 5 years, so to get a round-up we found a great interview by Jeff Ogden over at dll files fixer. In this recent interview Jeff chats with Joe Pulizzi about content marketing and what brands really need to be focusing on in the new year to get results from their social media platforms amd driver.

In case you don’t know, Joe Pulizzi is founder of the Content Marketing Institute and a pioneer in the practical use of content strategy on the internet Coreavc.

Who is Jeff Ogden?

Jeff Ogden is founder of, a site where you can find a host of great interviews by some of the most influential people in social media and content strategy today Download Nero Express.

He has interviewed influencers like Jay Baer, Brian Solis, Ekaterina Walter, Guy Kawasaki and Dan Zarrella. His most recent interview was with Joe, who is simultaneously promoting his new book that should be on everyone’s reading list ‘Epic Content Marketing.’

You can follow Jeff on Twitter at @fearlesscomp Tekken 7pc.

Content Marketing

Courtesy of Jeff Ogden

Market Less To Get More Customers

Is content marketing a solution to the Hummingbird update 디어헌터? That is the question that many people are asking right now. According to these experts, the answer is an unequivocal yes!

In the interview Joe explains that in order to win more customers online, brands actually need to market less 멕클릭 다운로드. Most marketers feel the need to get more product or service information out there, but this is not the right thing to do. Talk less about your products and services, and address the informational needs of your customers – that is how you attract more business 신화 표적.

Content needs to be sharable, inspirational and informational – meaning that it needs to serve your customers or have some kind of practical value in their lives 작업의 정석.

Getting Found More Often With Content Marketing

What is the state of content marketing today? According to Joe’s research, 90% of companies are already engaging in content marketing activities, whether they realize it or not 오피스 2010 체험판. The majority of these marketers have NO content marketing strategy to speak of!

It seems as though 2014 will be the year of the integrated content strategy – where you as a small business social media manager will need to learn more about an integrated approach to working with different content varieties and platforms online.

“We are at the end of early adoption phase, when looking at process improvement and integrating the art and science of a content marketing approach within our companies. There is fantastic opportunity…you’re not too late!” – Joe Pulizzi

Stand Out From The Competition Now

Content marketing

Courtesy of

Why is it important to know your buyer? They are the most important part of your content strategies, because they drive engagement. Do buyer personas! Buyer personas are the ‘who’ you are trying to reach with your content.

Be as specific as you can, the closer you get to creating accurate buyer personas, the more streamlined your content will be. All content needs a key takeaway – what is your buyer getting out of your key pieces of content? Talk to real customers and find out what they want and need from you!

It’s clear that in 2014, content is going to be less keyword orientated and more ‘buyer’ orientated. You can start by creating your own set of buyer personas for your social media strategies next year. It’s the way the pros are doing it!

The Video Interview Courtesy of Jeff Ogden!

Nip over to for more great interviews with Jeff Ogden.

Where do you think content marketing is going in 2014? We want to hear from you!

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