Take Your Hipster Photos and Leave – Twitter VS Instagram

By on December 11, 2012

Twitter has recently kicked Instagram photos off the popular microblogging platform, an aggressive move in the ongoing Twitter-Facebook photo-off Download the movie Martyrdom. No more retro filters, faded landscapes and artsy food images for Twitter! But why has Twitter made this move, and what has prompted them to ban the world’s most loved photo app 기적의 피아노 다운로드?

The Twitter VS Instagram Debacle

It was just another day on Twitter, when Instagram users noticed that their hipster-cool photos were buggy and on the fritz Download the secret of the Fire Emblem crest. Now, no more Instagram photos will be allowed on Twitter – ever, ever again. Is that true? What’s up?

Our Theories on This Bold Twitter Move

• It’s no secret that Twitter is becoming bolder than usual, and it’s developing its own photo filter app that will be used on the site Puppet. Much like Facebook has Instagram now, Twitter will launch a competitor, and they really want users to use their option over the incredibly popular Facebook option 인감증명서 위임장. In theory a good move, but I’m not sure if I’d bet against an app like Instagram.

• Twitter is a little bit sore about the fact that Facebook outbid them to GET Instagram several months ago – $1 billion was a hard bid to beat 루인스 다운로드. At the time, both companies knew that the future of social relied on image communication. Twitter also blocked Instagram users from using its data to find friends 대항해시대1.

• The Twitter creators are in the process of launching and developing 2 new concepts – Medium and Branch. Both will use images as a central part of the attraction of the core concepts Download windows 10 kn iso. It has to be planning ahead by Twitter.

• Twitter itself is becoming a massive photo sharing site, with people attaching images to their tweets 고속 충전 다운로드. The potential is huge for expansion…if only they had a great photo app.

• Essentially Instagram wants people to interact with images on their app and on Facebook, and Twitter wants the same for their upcoming editing software 현수막 디자인.

Word on The Street and on #Twitter

The internet has its own opinions as we all well know – and people are FURIOUS about Twitters sudden Instagram ‘ban.’ Users can still tweet about their Instagram photos, but they can’t view them on Twitter anymore. It really messes with people’s profiles. Imagine if Instagram photos are the core of your business, and now that’s over.

Many, many people shared their opinions on Twitter:

@hipsterrunoff – I feel bad 4 all those ppl who wasted time integrating their #instagrambrand with their Twitter brand. *Retweeted 82 times.

@christiankoo – Why mess with a good thing? I don’t get it. #instagram

@marcorubio – What? We can’t #instagram on #twitter anymore? The world no longer makes any sense!

@Cinemaduo – So goodbye #Instagram hello #twitter photo filters. Just FYI a good photo stands alone without any filter

How Do I Get Around The Twitter Ban?

Twitter users are ‘getting around’ the Instagram ban by using Michael Schonfeld’s Chrome-based InstaTwit extension. With some clever URL jiggery-pockery this extension ignores the new ban, and allows you to post Instagram URLs and images – all day long if you like.

Will Twitter’s answer to Instagram be any good? We’ll find out and let you know!

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