The 3 Major Impacts of Artificial Intelligence on Social Media Marketing

By on December 28, 2018

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In 2019 there will be an estimated 2.77 billion people using social networks globally. That makes social media one of the most important marketing fields for businesses to consider now and moving forward. Although social media in itself is a great place to focus marketing efforts, using the artificial intelligence tools available for social media will enable businesses to be more successful in leveraging it for marketing purposes 강식당 1회 다운로드.

AI provides capabilities that make marketing campaigns more efficient. From deep learning data analyses to automated content to customer service chatbots, the AI available for social media marketing is changing the playing field for businesses across

the board and making their marketing efforts more effective.

Customer Insights and Personalized Campaigns

AI is especially helpful when it comes to learning about customers codeigniter 엑셀 다운로드. The more a business knows about its customer, the more it can tailor its marketing efforts for the best chance of success.

Tech frontrunner Mark Hurd made a point in noting that “breakthrough advances are within reach thanks to machine learning, which immeasurably improves our ability to pull together, analyze and draw actionable insights from data.” These advances are especially apparent when it comes to tools like text mining and buyer personas that are used for social media marketing.

Through the use of text mining, AI can sift through massive amounts of both structured and unstructured data across multiple social networks in order to extract consumer data xp windbg 다운로드. By using that collected data, users can gather much more detailed customer profiles and preferences and are then better able to predict behaviors.

AI technology can discover buyer habits and what motivates consumers to spend from the information gathered. The tech then uses that information to create buyer personas for personalized campaigns. Based on a recent study, buyer personas generate a 171 percent increase in marketing earnings, making these AI-powered campaigns extremely beneficial to the businesses that employ them Download Harry Potter and the Wizard's Stone.

Automated and Specialized Content

In recent years, AI technologies have become equipped with automated content creation tools that give them the ability to produce logical, coherent text. This is especially useful for social media and marketing campaigns. Through the use of AI and natural language processing (NGL), content has become easier to produce and much more effective 제주도지도.

Although these bots are highly sufficient, they cannot fully operate independently. They rely heavily on templated formats and collected data and lack the ability to form opinions or think critically. However, many content creation bots are now advanced enough to pass the Turing test, meaning they are convincing enough to be mistaken for human oracle 11g 32bit. For example, if you’ve ever read the Forbes earnings reports, you’ve been reading AI-generated content and probably didn’t even notice.

In addition to being able create content, AI technologies are able to perform in-depth analyses on a large number of posts over various social media platforms Tap Sonic bug edition. This helps create the most effective social media content and can even predict the chance of success prior to posting. Through social listening techniques, AI can track conversations around specific phrases, words, brands and even hashtags to then use that to create specialized content that is much more likely to perform well.

Although AI has not reached the ability to think independently and create fully manual content, it can create convincing basic and informative content 가디언즈 더빙 다운로드. Google Director of Engineering Ray Kurzwell, however, believes that the technology is well on its way to full automation. He says that computers “will be able to understand what we say, learn from experience, make jokes, tell stories and even flirt” by 2029.

Chatbots and Customer Service

Although customer service is not explicitly a marketing effort, it can go a long way in creating an impression of your company and can make or break a company’s social standing 페이스북 유튜브 동영상. Using chatbots to manage customer service interactions can indelibly improve customer satisfaction as well as collect and aggregate important information about consumers, both of which benefit businesses in a big way.

AI-powered chatbots can provide answers to common questions quickly and accurately without the need for employee labor blob 영상 다운로드. It has been shown that 42 percent of customers expect an answer from brands on social media within an hour. Using chatbots makes that possible. The bots offer 24/7 customer service and can sort through and prioritize comments based on importance and suspected spam accounts. This allows them to determine and address customers’ needs in real-time and answer questions in order of relevance.

Facebook messenger is one of the most widely-used platforms for chatbot customer service right now. Consumers seem to feel more comfortable reaching out via a social network that they already use daily to communicate with businesses and, based on a Facebook survey, 53 percent of customers say they are more likely to shop with a business they can message.

In addition to answering questions, chatbots provide a channel for businesses to gather vital data about their customers. They collect personal information about customer demographics and preferences, which can then be used for the text mining and buyer persona creation mentioned above and for tailoring marketing efforts directly toward audiences who are most likely to convert to sales. With the data gathered, AI technologies can then provide product recommendations, links to promotions and information about upcoming events and offers.

Although social media may seem like a place reserved for celebrity gossip and funny tweets, it’s proving to be a much more important medium for marketing than anyone imagined. Social media has become a fantastic marketing tool for both customer interaction and satisfaction. Using artificially intelligent technology makes those social media marketing efforts more effective and provides various benefits for companies that use them.

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