5 Mind Blowing Tips For Facebook Ad Success

By on May 23, 2012

Facebook advertising has changed quite a bit recently, what with the new timeline and ‘posts as ads’ feature taking the world by storm. If you’re still a little unclear on how you can use these new features to rapidly improve your business, then keep reading Download naver photo video. Today, I’m giving you 5 proven, mind blowing tips on how to achieve Facebook ad success.

#1: The Power is in The Image

There must be some outrageous stat that exists about images, and how effective they are on Facebook Download Google Movie. Ah yes, sometimes changing your image can improve your conversion rate by 60%! How often do you split test your images? Even if you don’t have time for text split testing, do yourself a favour and try different images 1 room.

Tip! The color red, and other ‘warm’ colors like yellow and orange are clicked on more often than ‘cooler’ colors 페이트 스테이 나이트 ubw. Try different color images and take note of the results.

#2: Stalk Your Social Competitors

How do you know how to create or select a great Facebook ad, when you don’t know what a GREAT one looks like 오즈 파일? The best advice you will ever be given in advertising, is to stalk your competitors. If they have been getting great results from an ad, find out why 서풍의 광시곡. Do your research! Facebook provides a list of ads in your demographic – start there.

Tip! The adboard is a great place for research. Draft different ads based on campaigns there that look promising cDownload the language file. Find a call to action you love? Use it!

#3: Obsess About Your CTR

In social advertising, a high click through rate is everything c4d free. But to get it, you’ll need to obsess about the structure and impact of your ad. View the numbers, and do some split testing at the same time. Don’t pretend to split-test – actually do it Download Nell Young-yeon. Set a timeline, and track your progress. In 1 week you could have a high impact ad, for very little investment.

Tip! Keep an eye on your timeline line 다운로드. Over time your CTR will fall, as your ‘ideal’ audience clicks or interacts. There is a sliding scale with social ads – expect clicks to decline as often as they ascend.

#4: The Sponsored Story Rule

Choosing to run an ad on the new sponsored story platform can be disastrous, if you don’t know what works. Choose a post that links back to your website or Facebook page only. You’ll have a lot of other links there, but it’s not your job to promote someone else’s website. I like to drive people back to my Facebook page – where the larger ad space can be more effective.

Tip! Youtube video links are superb in this space, if you need more views.

#5: Use The Sneaky 5 Friend Rule

Facebook’s new reach generator allows you to post your ‘posts’ that have already had some nice interaction on them. The goal of course, is to get more interaction and clicks because of this initial social investment. So – get 5 close friends to click, share and comment – really good, well planned copy. It will make all the difference to your CTR!

Have you used the new Facebook ad platform yet? What do you think?

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