Top 7 Social Media Marketing Goals to Set in 2020

By on April 8, 2020

As we all know social media is the game-changer of this era, but still we need a Social Media Marketing goal for 2020 to accelerate our business marketing and set it on the right track. Without a definite purpose, it’s hard to know how good your social media strategy is working.

But the question is how do you know you choose the best ones for the year? Just take a look at your performance, industry trends, and resources of the previous year. Sometimes the goals you establish lead to outstanding results, other times- you take a lesson from your mistake and rethink the goal for the next year.

All the recommendations are based on social media trends, data insights, best social media strategies, social media optimization which help you leverage the power of your business via social means 웹 애플리케이션.

Now, we’ll go through 7 very unique, but effective social media goals competent enough to help you build a strong social presence over the Web…

Let’s get started!

Top 7 Social Media Marketing Goals to do Business in 2020

1. Rethink Your Channels

Across the globe, 3.5 billion social media users exist!

Active count of users on social media channels holds a strong but distinct percentage:  90.4 % Millennials, 77.5Generation X and 48.2% is accounted for Baby Boomers!

We are considering your business is running online, so, the first step is to think about the social media channels like which social channel you are going to initiate with keeping your target audience in mind Download the return article.

Why is this step so important?

The reason is very simple, there are tons of social media channels in the market and each network has a different audience. If you are not picking the right networks, you might be losing your potential followers.

To do that, you should know your targeted audience and must put a sheer focus on the demographics, say- Gender, age, personal interests, location, value, beliefs, online behavior, etc.

Some largest networks are-

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest


If you have a question on how to get valuable insights over target audience, current visitors and customer behavior, give a 5minutes read to: “5 Tools to Help you Learn About your Target Audience.”

2. Authentic Content


Today people don’t want to see boring pictures and scripted content Download Taizen. All they want is something interesting and useful content that is relevant to their business.

So, how do we create authentic content?

Creating content that focuses on testimonials, photos, and videos from users who consume your product or services and want to share the experience. Authentic content creation matters a lot to SEO.

Further, video content also plays a major role to grab the attention of the audience on the website and you will notice that video dominates the users to engage with your content, for example, TikTok exploding in popularity.

Let’s take a look at a few Video stats which show better & proven results:

  • 90% of people decide their purchase with the help of videos
  • 93% of public share video with other people
  • 139% of your brand association rises after people watch your video

Prefer Reading: “2020 Visual Marketing Trends for Global Online visibility.”

3 구름입력기 다운로드. Keep It Consistent

Social media users love to read and watch daily, they want something new and interesting then after they shall stick to your page. Consistency is very important on Social media.

For instance, if you want to build followers on Facebook then you should post an image/ video/ template or infographic daily so that users like your content.

The only exception to this particular rule is LinkedIn just because of the profession it gathers serious business executives who don’t like to see daily posts from you too frequently.

2 posts in a week should be enough for LinkedIn, while other social media platforms demand frequently.

4 디즈니 타잔 게임. Creativity


One of the best social media strategies is creativity, you may be surprised but creativity is the king of social media, the more creative you are the more customer engagements you have.

The reality is, however not all the companies put their genuine efforts on creativity. If you want to see yourself unique in the queue, you need to be creative with your content.

Do Social. Be Social!

Creativity will totally depend on your audience and industry. For some companies, vivid photos, catchy captions, and trending hashtags will get their audience to engage. For other businesses, well-edited images and long infographics will work better Crime City High Definition.

Creativity plays the most effective role in enhancing your social media efforts to output fruitful results.

5. Enhance Your Organic Reach

1st thing comes first; never depend on the single social media channel if you want to maximize the organic reach, after that while making creative content you need to check or verify either the same matter crawling on that particular channel or not.

If yes, try to make something special and different.

You can boost your organic reach by creative content use the following techniques

  1. User Engagement: Engagement is the only thing that remains unchanged in the world of social media. Components such as comments, share and likes still work as an a-fire booster to your rankings.
  2. Use trending Hashtags: Now the trend has been changed, now not only hot topics give momentum to your content but hashtags also 컴퓨터 절전모드. Users also follow hashtags nowadays to get the trending content.

6. Build Meaningful Connections


One of the major goals to be set in 2020 is to build meaningful connections. People search for personal connections with companies to build credibility and trust with those businesses.

The best way to build meaningful connections is through messages.

Every social media channel offers messages, but not all the business pays focuses on the messages they get. If you want to rank your page on top then start focusing on your inbox.

Messaging is an effective way to connect with leads and prospects and provide relevant information to them. Private connections make the work easy to know your company better Hello Coco Mont.

If you still can’t keep up the messages, use the chatbots to assist users to answer a simple question.

Give a read to: “AI-Powered: Chatbots Enhancing Business Communication.”

7. Effective Social Customer Service

Customer service is the factor that decides either you retain your customers or not. Having adequate customer service on social media can help you with customer retention, and boost up your revenue and customer satisfaction score.

Track your customer service effectiveness by the following metrics:

#Response time: It means how fast you are reverting to your customer, there should not be many gaps between the interaction between you and your customer. Replies should be fast and effective.

#CSAT (Customer Satisfaction score): It shows how satisfied are your customers True image. Keep your customers contended and raise the score to the maximum to build credibility.

3Support question: Asking the questions from your customer helps you to get the customer perspective towards your product and services.

Wrapping Up

Social platforms give you an abundance opportunity to build relationships with your users and transform them into loyal customers, but it demands a lot of strategic planning and efforts.

After all, everyone is using social media nowadays and if you want to surpass your opponents then make your activities fresh and exciting.

I hope the above-discussed top 7 social media marketing goals help you to build your social marketing goals which you can achieve via concrete business techniques and tactics Download the Google Chrome plugin.

Happy Marketing!

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