How to Triple Your Twitter Followers in 3 Months

By on June 11, 2018

During our first two years in business we chose to stay ‘under the radar’, focusing on scaling up and building a foundation in key areas before investing in any form of marketing or PR. As a digital marketing agency, this may seem counter-intuitive. But, in our minds, we knew exactly where we wanted to be before truly making a splash in the Leeds digital scene What's this number downloaded.

Following some new additions to the team, notable client wins and countless internal discussions towards the end of last year, we decided that it was finally time to start drawing attention to our business. Crafting and implementing a fully-integrated marketing strategy, we kicked off January 2018 full-speed-ahead!

Just three months into the campaign and we had already achieved some incredible results; website traffic was up 177%, conversions were up 213%, we were starting to rank on Page 1 of Google for competitive terms such as ‘Leeds Digital Agency’ and ‘Leeds Digital Marketing’, Twitter impressions had shot up by a whopping 2,000%, and of course we managed to triple our Twitter followers Download screensaver. And this was after just three months…

Now I didn’t just highlight these figures to show off; I want to make a point that with the right planning and implementation you can achieve rapid growth.

So how did we do it? Read on to find out.

Twitter Lists

The first step to achieving these results was fairly simple Download web logic. Twitter Lists. In brief, these are custom timelines that only show the posts from specific accounts that you’ve selected. Back in January, we put together a wide range of lists, trying to cover all of the services we offer and any other topics our followers may be interested in, for example general Leeds news or digital marketing blogs. Every Monday morning, our Inbound Marketing Executive would spend an hour going through these Twitter Lists and schedule content for the week ahead, making sure to tag in the blog author and publication clip down 다운로드. This was simply to ensure that our social media accounts were constantly sharing new content. Whilst doing this, we would also like and reply to tweets from other accounts on the Twitter lists in order to generate engagement. If you’re going to use Twitter Lists as a content curation tool, we’d highly recommend that you download Buffer’s Chrome Extension to help streamline the process ms office 2010 무료 다운로드.

Follow back relevant accounts

The second thing that helped us to grow our Twitter followers was our follow-back policy. We would pay close attention to our Twitter notifications, checking up on them a few times a day (if you have a larger follower base, this will probably be more frequently) Free. From here, we would follow any relevant accounts that had engaged with us, not just the ones that followed us. This meant that every time someone liked our tweet, started a conversation with us or retweeted us, we would read their bio and make a decision whether it was worth following them. We found this was a great way to grow our follower base, whilst seeding out any spam accounts or people that weren’t actually interested in our content Latex.

Switch it up

It’s so important that you switch things up every so often, otherwise your content will go stale. In fact, you may even start to lose followers. Don’t just stick to one format when sharing content across social media. Similarly, don’t just stick to one topic Download internet explorer 10. Use a range of different media formats (GIFs, videos, images, links, raw posts, live video etc.), with a range of different topics that your followers may be interested in (these doesn’t even need to be directly connected to your business) and you’ll be sure to keep your followers engaged. Even something simple like changing a few words between social channels, rather than posting identical content across all of your accounts, can make a huge difference 그램 드라이버 다운로드.

Integrated strategy

Whilst a lot of the features we’re discussing are about Twitter, this was only a very small part of our wider marketing strategy. As we mentioned before, we had spent hours planning out a fully-integrated marketing strategy, looking at everything from email marketing, online video content and PR to influencer marketing, blogging on external sites and getting involved in local events Divine Hansu. Using a combination of online and offline channels can ensure that you’re truly getting maximum exposure to your target audience. It’s so important to think about how each individual channel will work alongside each other, and in turn impact the bigger picture.

Reply & show gratitude

Don’t forget to show gratitude to your followers. Some larger brands take the stance of using Twitter to promote themselves rather than using it for what it was built for: starting conversations. Whilst this more corporate technique works in some cases, more and more businesses are using Twitter as a customer service platform, and to great success. Multi-million pound organisations, such as Tesco, have flipped this corporate stance on its head, using Twitter to reflect the personality behind the brand. Of course, this may be an extreme example but taking the time to reply to your followers, add value and maybe brighten up their day a little bit won’t go unnoticed. Even if it’s just a quick reply to say “thanks” to someone that has shared your blog, it all makes a difference.

As you can see, growing your online presence in a short space of time is certainly no easy task. But take time to plan out each stage, prepare to step out of your comfort zone and work your socks off throughout the whole process; you’ll be reaping the benefits in no time.

Do you have any other tips on how to grow your social media following? Why not let us know in the comments?

About Lee Fuller

Lee Fuller is an enterprise level marketer that operates as the Co-Founder & CEO of Leeds-based digital agency, Flaunt Digital. He’s worked with a range of global clients including the likes of The New York Times.

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