How To Tweak Your Marketing Campaign With Animated Explainer Videos

By on November 7, 2017

Digital marketing is growing tremendously due to the high competition in various industries. While text content is crucial in any marketing campaign, many customers are believed to be impatient in reading through the entire text to have an idea about a specific product or service.

Sometimes a customer may be looking for your products and upon accessing your product content; they simply get bored reading through every description text. In most cases, they start to skim through your product content looking for specs, pros, and cons. Well, they may have a rough idea about your products, but their purchasing confidence is far from what it should be Mzk latest. In short, they might opt for another product who is your competitor.

According to marketing statistics, influencer marketing is more effective with the use of animated videos with consumers who watch product videos being 85% more likely to purchase products as compared to those who don’t and that 52% of viewers feel confident in their online purchasing decisions when watching product videos. From the statistics, you can imagine how much an animated video explainer will impact on your business with 85% of the people on your website more likely to buy.

The simple reason why explainer videos work is the fact that they can get across more information in less time as compared to written reports. Also, videos are known to excite various senses, making it easier to digest the information and most importantly have a long-lasting impact on the viewers 독일어 교재. In short using animated video explainer will help to reach out to as many potential customers as possible and most likely convince them to buy your products or services. Exploit the power of animated video explainer to bring about action to your target audience.

Today, animated video explainers are said to be the most fertile soil where blogger outreach and marketing campaigns can take root and prevail. However, there are complex details you need to understand about animated videos. When you want to incorporate animation and video in your marketing campaigns, you are getting everything surrounding your marketing campaign into video mode; animated emails, branding campaigns and animated postcards among several others Download Kingsman Secret Agent. You should be able to utilize animations and videos to showcase your company, products, and services and story the best way you can; Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO pointed out that looking into the future, a lot of the content shared by people will be video or animation and that makes video marketing the best marketing strategy you don’t wish to miss on.

Animated explainer videos have become quite popular in the recent days as they help deliver a business story quickly, with ease and humor. The message delivered is simply understood by all and keeps them attached to it for longer.

Here are some of the major reasons why you should consider using animated video explainers in your marketing campaigns;

  • Animations deliver a message quickly

Well, animated video explainers have the power to tell a story about your brand and delivering it in an easy to understand manner windows xp pe 다운로드. The messages are usually simple and clear to the point so that viewers are not suffocated by detailed and hard to comprehend statistics, chats and many pages of text messages that nobody reads.

With animation, you strip off the unnecessary details thus delivering only the essence rather quickly and in a fun and relaxed manner.

  • Animation is easy to digest and highly shareable

Many people confess enjoying cartoons right from their childhood days. Including animations in your marketing campaigns bring fresh and warm memories of our childhood especially when wacky, cute and light animations are used Download hp SolutionCenter. This alone has the potential to compel viewers into making purchases which are the ultimate goal of any entrepreneur. Remember cartoons and animations are allowed to say anything and do things that a real person may find to be difficult.

Animations are thus pulling the audience into a world of only possibilities. That is why animated video explainers top the list of the most shared video content on any social media platform or any other channel. It is rare to find people sharing complex statistics related to finances, white papers on tough subjects and other incomprehensible data sheets on their social media channels but would find it easy to share a 20-seconds animated video after watching it adwcleaner 다운로드.

  • Animations are the best in enhancing conversions

The sole purpose of running marketing campaigns is to push our business brand up front, turning viewers into potential leads, prospects and eventually buyers. In short, the main purpose is increasing ROI. For this reason, animations have been said to help turn SEO efforts into child’s play and even tapping into people minds becoming a long-term memory that sticks with customers for a long period.

Statistics have indicated that animations can boost conversions a great deal with animated videos having a higher percentage of click-through rates than written text 에브리타임 앱.

  • Animations are cost effective

Many people believe that animations are way too expensive to create. Though it takes some professional knowledge of sound specialists, graphic designers and professional voiceover actors to create animations, it is true that they will cost less compared to video production which requires hiring actors, renting cameras, lights, microphones, post editing experts and tweaking it to look professional.

Over the last few years, plenty of resources and tools have been availed to help you in creating simple and straightforward animations without having to invest a lot on logistics.

How to tweak animations to enhance your marketing campaign and stand out of the competition

  • Tailor your video with the target audience

The basic rule when using animated video explainers in marketing is to tailor the video, postcard or GIF to match with your target audience msvcp100.dll 무료 다운로드. A close study of your target audience will help a lot when determining the way you present your animations for it to be accepted by the audience. For instance, if your target audience is corporate Millennials, then you will have to find the right style that goes together with the hi-tech products in the market.

  • Use your video to cover all media sources

This is the next rule of animation marketing. To achieve the needed success in boosting brand awareness through the use of animated video explainers, you need to integrate it into a more comprehensive marketing plan that covers all the available media including TV and social platforms. The animations should also be easy to be incorporated in other marketing strategies including email marketing and sales representations through your website, events, meetings and apps Download macbook icloud photos.

You can effectively achieve this if you use animations in a smart and innovative manner.

  • Direct emails and newsletters– instead of full paragraphs of text explaining images, using animated GIFs or video to showcase your products will work the best in explaining processes, chains of reaction and systems. The only problem with this, however, is its compatibility with user’s devices and software, downloading times and end-user demographics.
  • B2B presentations- in many instances, let’s say, those meetings where individuals showcase their drawings, boards, chats, and graphics just to mention a few, people attending get bored quickly. Animated video explainers come in handy to help resolve this problem by keeping your guests alert, entertained and more importantly focused to the explanations given to how a product will look when it is finished 베스트 오브 미 다운로드. Animations simply show how complex processes unfold and how systems work in a company. Many people out there are concerned about these processes and creating an animation on the same will boost their level of confidence in your products and services.
  • Website animations– Content marketing is believed to be the most crucial part of any marketing strategy. However, text content has proven not very effective when compared to the use of short videos. If one manages to create an interactive animation, short video, GIF, you will realize that they are more appealing to many viewers and will draw their attention into making purchases.

Experts in this industry are advocating for the use of clickable images that easily guide the user from one page to the other, jumping animated characters that help users to navigate through the website, talking heads and #D animated products among others. All these are meant to appeal to website users and invite them for further exploration of the website and more importantly, take action at the end. The right application of animations can keep your users engaged and wanting that text content which eventually compels them to make a purchase. With the right professional animation, you can make your website the ultimate destination where users always want to buy from simply because you made them smile.


Use of animated video explainers is gaining popularity by the day. Businesses in different industries are working hard to beat their competitors in marketing and using animation wisely would unlock the potential of your business to be viewed as the leader. Always focus to adapt your animation to your audience and subject matter, give it the right timing and pace, offer it on all media channels and keep users engaged as new conversions start following!

Understand your target audience by knowing their characteristics, personality, and their problems, keep it simple, optimize you animation time and create an effective script- it is that simple and there you got it!

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