The Ultimate Guide To Content Curation

By on May 22, 2014
Content Curation Guide

Piggybacking off our recent “Content Curation” series, this guide was put together to serve as your one-stop destination on how to curate content.

Curating content on a regular basis is important to your marketing strategy for multiple reasons, such as:

  • Finding relevant and interesting articles, information, and resources to share with your social networks.
  • Brushing up on the latest industry trends and news.
  • Understanding what type of content is being consumed and shared the most so that you can make adjustments to your blog.

The saying that “Content is King” rings more true than ever before, as social media has exponentially increased the influence and reach that marketing can provide 레지스탁스 다운로드.

So here’s your opportunity to learn how to find the best content out there:

The Ultimate Guide to Content Curation

Content Curation 101: Setting Up Feedly as Your RSS Reader

Finding great content for your brand (or for clients) can be difficult depending on the industry, but curating content using a RSS Reader makes things a lot easier than searching for standalone articles by themselves.

The marketing community was in an uproar when the beloved Google Reader was retired in July of 2013 but, luckily, there are several replacement offerings that have stepped in to take its place.

At SMMU, we’ve had quite a few questions recently on which alternatives to use and, amongst these, my personal favorite to recommend to others is called Feedly. Signup is easy as you can use any Gmail account to login.

Prior to the official kill-date of Google Reader, Feedly allowed you to import your RSS Subscriptions directly from Google Reader. However, if you didn’t have Google Reader set up, or didn’t export your subscriptions using Google Takeout, don’t worry – here’s what to do 윈도우 10 시작화면.

Content Curation Guide

Setting Up Your Subscriptions

Once you’ve successfully signed into Feedly, you will want to start visiting your favorite websites and look for their RSS Feed to add them to your list of subscriptions.

For example, the RSS Feed Icon for our blog here at Social Media Impact can be found at the top of the page as seen below:

Content Curation Guide

From here, you can either right-click and copy the link address or left-click to open up the RSS Feed URL page:

Content Curation Guide

Whichever option you choose, the next step is to subscribe to the RSS Feed on Feedly. Just copy and paste the URL into Feedly and add the new source to your subscriptions:

Content Curation Guide

For websites that don’t have a RSS Feed icon on their website, you will need to manually search for the website on Feedly to see if you can subscribe. Not all websites will have a RSS Feed but, in general, most popular websites will have one. If they don’t, you can bookmark them on your browser for easy access Jingle Belllock.

Once you have your subscriptions set up, you can further categorize them by topic/industry:

Content Curation Guide

Now you have curated, targeted content that’s readily available all in one place!

Content Curation Guide

Content Curation 102: Using Flipboard As Your Mobile News Engine

Flipboard is a personalized mobile magazine with a very nifty user interface (UI).

If you don’t already have the app on your smartphone, you can download it here for your device.

After downloading Flipboard and signing in, the fun begins!

Finding Sources

Flipboard Content Curation Flipboard Content Curation

To find additional sources, click on the red Content Menu icon and either enter a search phrase or look through the different news sections download 2. Once you have found a magazine section you’d like to get updates for, simply click the bookmark icon to the right and it will now show up as one of your Flipboard tiles (pictured above).

Flipboard Content Curation Flipboard Content Curation

Then you get to use the app’s coolest feature: Flipping through articles!

Depending on the device, just swipe up or down (on smartphones) or swipe left and right (on tablets) to flip through pages and sections.

Flipboard Content Curation Flipboard Content Curation

Social Sharing Made Easy

One convenient feature built-in to Flipboard is social integration and easy sharing capabilities.

For example, the article above by Ann Tran was shared on our Twitter account which you can connect to your Flipboard magazine to get a whole new Twitter experience 파이어 알파카.

Flipboard Content Curation

Within the article itself, you have many different options to share via Twitter or your other connected social media accounts. You can also queue the article to be shared in your Buffer stream.

One Last Tip…

Last but not least, it’s important that you sign up for a Read Later service such as Pocket or Instapaper.

This will allow you to save articles from Flipboard and quickly reference them or return to read them again.

Now you’ll always have content at your fingertips when on-the-go 빛이 되어라 다운로드!

Content Curation 103: Automatically Curate Relevant Content with

While you may see links published on Twitter and think they are spam, is an extremely convenient tool to use – when you use it right.

Not only is it simple to set up, but there is little to no upkeep needed once active.

PaperLi Content Curation

Here’s how to setup your and get the most out of it:

1) Create an account at

Sign up for a new account.

Then click the icon in the upper left corner and click the “Create Paper” button.

PaperLi Content Curation

2) Name your paper and begin adding sources.

Title your paper and add the content sources you want to pull from. (This is where Content Curation 101 comes in handy in order to understand how RSS feeds work)

You don’t have to worry if you weren’t able to add everything you wanted at this time as you have the ability to edit the sources in the settings later Download Hello Chat.

Click the “Create my paper” button once you are finished and let work its magic.

PaperLi Content Curation

3) Adjust your settings

After has finished fetching your first edition, click the Edit icon in the top right corner of the page to enter the Settings Dashboard.

From here you can manage several different options under the free version or upgrade to Pro in order to customize it even further.

We don’t want to go into detail on how to customize the look and feel of the paper as today’s blog is purely about content curation, but if you’re using for the purpose of content curation you will want to set the paper to be fetched daily and delivered to your inbox.

In the Settings Dashboard you’ll also see the button at the bottom which you can drag to your browser’s bookmark bar and quickly add new content to your paper from other websites.

In the Main Menu, select Content and add additional sources here through Search and choose which Sections and Categories you would like to include coldplay movies.

4) View your

Check your email inbox that you used to register and you should have received your latest edition. Click to view your paper and you’ll be taken to the Headlines page.

(For this article, we specifically created a weekly edition that would curate all our content from Social Media Impact that we could distribute at the end of the week on Fridays)

The Headlines page will you give you some of the top posts for the day, but the real treasure is found under the Stories tab.

In the Stories section is where you will likely find the most relevant and useful articles to share with your social networks.

Here are some additional examples using the Daily SMMU we have set up as well:

We see it all the time:

Someone becomes inactive on Twitter, forgets to disconnect their accounts, and the only thing you will see on their feed now are links to

If you want to be successful with social media though, you will want to use as many tools as possible to find and share great content – and that is how should be used.

Content Curation 104: Keeping Your Pulse On The News

This is the Final Chapter of your crash course on Content Curation Download Mac Office 2019.

While there was a lot of information to consume in parts 1-3, we saved the easiest for last.


LinkedIn Pulse Content Curation

LinkedIn Pulse

In April of 2013, LinkedIn acquired Pulse for a cool $90M in stock and cash.

In February of 2014, LinkedIn opened up its publishing platform to allow all users the opportunity to write and share longform posts to their LinkedIn profiles.

With LinkedIn Pulse and LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform, you now add a staggering 1-2 combo to your already deadly mix of killer content.

How To Get Started

The good thing about LinkedIn’s acquisition of Pulse is that now the two are integrated under LinkedIn’s platform.

You can easily access LinkedIn Pulse on the web by visiting LinkedIn Today, or by downloading the LinkedIn Pulse app for iOS and Android here 콜오브듀티 월드워2.

Adding or removing content from your Home Page on LinkedIn Pulse takes little effort as they are both done by simply checking or unchecking which Channel sources you are interested in.

For Example: Social Media, Marketing, Advertising, and Technology are some of my top interests and can be reflected in the Channel choices I’ve made.

You can see some of the subtle differences between the Desktop and Mobile versions in their respective galleries below:

LinkedIn Pulse for the Desktop

LinkedIn Pulse Mobile App

I prefer the desktop version as it gives you more content options to choose from and the ability to follow Influencers and Publishers.

Both, however, are very convenient tools to use to find content from experts in your niche.

Content Curation Strategy

After reading through this Content Curation series, you should have a plethora of resources at your disposal now to share with your social networks, to repurpose and put your own spin on a subject, or to just enjoy and absorb as much as information as you possibly can!

Did you find our Content Curation crash course helpful? Then please share this article and subscribe to our RSS Feed!

If you have any questions, send a tweet to @SM_Impact and we’ll answer you right away.

Thanks for reading!

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