Upcoming Social Media Strategy Changes

By on July 1, 2013

As a social media manager you know that it’s very important to keep an eye on the industry, almost on a minute-by-minute basis. This is because your strategy needs to change as the various social media sites add, remove and improve their own service offerings Hey dealer. Today, I’m going to tell what you will need to change in the coming weeks!

Upcoming Changes To Your Strategy:

Facebook: The latest news from Facebook is that they have improved their on-site analytics for ad customers, which is excellent if you are a small business that needs to split test posts based on accurate (small budget) amounts 강변북로체 다운로드. Plus they are adding hashtag suggestions to posts, so you can streamline the use of your new indexing tools.

LinkedIn: There are 2 new features from LinkedIn right now, which the business network says will help people personalize their networks 세카이노 오와리. If you land on your LinkedIn homepage, you will see that you can access ‘who’s viewed your updates’ and ‘you recently visited’ features, on the right hand side of the page Download the wireless adapter driver. All activity in the past 14 days can be seen there. Use it to follow up on important connections!

Pinterest: On the image-sharing network this month we have a new feature, that allows you to find items that you have pinned in the past Download the engineering calculator. Improving their search functionality is great for your marketing ‘how-to’ posts, which have a higher chance of being used, shared and interacted with again and again 다시보는 불멸의 이순신 다운로드.

YouTube: The video sharing network has released an update that now adds video overlays that recommend what you should watch next Multi-threaded. This feature is accessible on the app, which is great news for YouTube advertisers and marketers.

In other general social media news today, experts are arguing about RSS feeds, and if they will even exist in the next few years due to Facebook and Twitter dominating the world of real time information Download the select video of the sole. Personally, I don’t think the humble RSS feed is going anywhere.

There is too much value for content creators, publishers and producers to use RSS feeds for curation and convenience Destroyed Man. Perhaps an app will come along that will streamline and revive the RSS feed, that’s my hope. In the meantime, you can continue asking your social fans to subscribe to your feeds, as they are very much alive pooq 무제한 다운로드.

Twitter has also been playing with ‘hundreds’ of new potential features for the site. The latest one, is a proposed section at the bottom of a single tweet, that details which sites have linked to that tweet, or used a shortcode of that tweet. It’s actually another form of visible linkbuilding that could be very useful for marketers in the future. I hope it makes the cut!

That’s all for updating your strategy this week, but you can bet that tomorrow there will be more subtle changes and alterations that will affect the way YOUR fans engage with your brand. Keep reading SMMU, and I’ll keep posting about the updates that matter to your overall content strategy.

Did I miss anything this week?

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