How To Use Images on Twitter For Direct Sales

By on September 1, 2011

Twitter recently updated their platform by adding in an image gallery – so that your fans can browse your images. This new photo sharing functionality is a little different to platforms like Flickr, or Facebook for example Download Dragon Ball Mugen. So, how can you use this new addition to your feed to sell more products?

News on The Update

The Twitter photo gallery pulls in pics from hosting sites like Photobucket and Twitpic 이랑 신의 놀이. The functionality is still quite basic, and the limits are quite staunch – only 100 images allowed. Once you upload an image…you can’t delete it yet, but hopefully that’s on Twitters top priority list 할리퀸 기도. All you have to do is click on the image icon (the camera) at the bottom of every tweet to get Twitter to work its magic.

Using Your Photo Gallery

Use hashtags (#) to organize your photo stream, especially if you’re going to be planning some great image marketing 돈키호테. Now that Twitter allows photos, you can whip out all of those excellent product images, promo pamphlets and team shots that you’ve been dying to share with your community Download Kaspersky 2015. Your goal is to increase your sales directly from Twitter, which has been difficult in the past.

Your followers can flick through your photo feed, and decide to buy then and there – something the traditional 140 character tweet made nearly impossible 적과 흑 영화. Images are far more persuasive for browsers than words, so use this to your advantage.

Image Ideas

• Run photo competitions based on your brand Crimson Peak subtitles. Track entries with a chosen hashtag.
• Release promo images and ask your followers to retweet. If they retweet, make them liable for a special offer or an incentive of some kind plex 다운로드.
• Upload informal images of your business, team or guest appearances to personalize your feed.
• Upload your brochures, sales material or price lists – the more exposure they get, the more you will sell 침대렐라.
• Ask your followers to create a tweet (with your hashtag) based around a photo or product you’ve uploaded. Remember the incentive.
• Get creative wpf toolkit 다운로드. Use original artworks, cartoons or vectors to make your brand come alive.

These are just some ideas that you can incorporate into your Twitter marketing strategy. Individual personalities are finding the photo stream functionality extremely popular with their followers. Businesses can learn a thing or two from the celebs that have embraced the feature. Personal photos taken on impulse are a nice change from the stiff, posed images of the past.

Images are a great tool to inspire conversation, discussion and debate. If you need to pick up the interaction on your page, why not publish an image of someone else’s new product? Give it a review, and ask your followers to do the same. With this new direct feature on Twitter, marketers and business owners should be careful not to flood their followers with marketing material.

Involve other people’s products, images and comments to make the most out of this new feature. As always, it should be 80% conversation and 20% marketing. Product images are nice, but don’t forget to visit your favorite community feeds and comment there too! Soon direct sales from Twitter to your business website will soar!

Have you used Twitters photo gallery yet? What do you think? Leave your comment below!

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