How To Use The New Facebook Fan Page Features For Your Business

By on April 12, 2011

The great thing about Facebook, is that it’s becoming more sensitive to the needs of businesses that are now spending enormous amounts of time (and money) on their platform Download the kj certification tool.

The result has been some rather awesome changes that will help your business get more exposure, build better relationships and yes – make more money YouTube Country Limited. But how do you use these new features?

1. Personalizing Your Business

Facebook has now made it easier to personalize your business, by allowing you to act as your business, instead of a random name or third party Adobe Photoshop trial. The new “Use Facebook as” option, lets you capitalize on Facebook’s functionality by using your businesses voice.

This means that you can interact with other people, on other pages – as your business daum 영상 다운로드. The benefits of this of course, are endless. You can build a credible reputation on Facebook, by speaking to a variety of different people, even if they don’t ‘like’ your page Download the perfect other person script.

How To Use This:

‘Like’ other pages that are similar to yours, where people with the same interests will find your contributions valuable awesomium.dll 다운로드. Don’t spam your competitor’s walls. Social media is about sharing.

Contribute knowledge to their pages, and allow the same on yours. Eventually, as time goes by and you become friends, you can straight out say, “Hay like me too!” In the meantime, your comments lead back to your page anyway Download the telegram sticker image.

Find useful and important things to say on your competitors pages. And monitor your own very carefully, for foolhardy businesses that will see this as an opportunity to spam your pages Knox Lineage m. When you’re done, simply switch back to your personal profile on your main page.

2. The New Photo Updates

You’ve already noticed that there are now 5 photos at the top of your fan page that continually update themselves Download the Twitter tweet. This is an excellent new feature on Facebook, because it encourages further investigation into your photo albums, from new visitors that land on your fan page 가족관계증명서 다운로드.

It’s also great as a monitoring tool, because you’ll always be informed about the photos your business is being tagged in. If something unsavoury comes up – you can remove it before any damage is done.

3. Making Friends With Your Top 5 Competitors

Now, your business fan page can ‘like’ up to 5 pages of its own. From a business standpoint, this is a unique opportunity to become allies with 5 of your competitors. Instead of seeing them as enemies (as we are taught to in traditional marketing), view them as friends. Together you are helping to complete your reader’s knowledge on your industry.

How To Use This:

Research and begin a dialogue with a competitor business. Be realistic about it, and don’t approach huge businesses unless you are one. Once the dialogue is open, explain that you would like to add them to your top 5 ‘likes’ on your fan page.

If they are open to it, they might be willing to do the same. Essentially this will feed traffic between your pages. It’s a mutually beneficial situation that very few savvy businesses will decline. Choose wisely, and genuinely make friends with your top 5 competitors.

Use this new functionality to spread the word about your business on Facebook. If you continue to create engaging content and uphold a good reputation, there’s only one way your business can go – up!

How do you use the new Facebook question tool? Tell us below!

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