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By on February 28, 2014
online marketing with video

So, how do you use online marketing with video to get better returns for your owned media properties? There are lots of ways! All you have to do is start with a great video concept, and then brainstorm how you are going to get that video seen by as many people as possible Civilization 4 Mode. Today I am focusing on integrating video with your online marketing practices.

With 64% of people more likely to buy from you after watching a video, and only 22% of businesses planning to use them this year, video is a secret weapon for your company 암살교실 2기 자막.

#1: Video Is a Flexible Form of Online Content

You may have several sales pages, a blog, and be quite interactive on Facebook, but even then – creating video content will support your goals 모의고사 다운로드. Video is a highly flexible online medium, which means that you can use it for any number of things.

Consider different video lengths (from 30 seconds to 20 minutes), different themes (whiteboard, podcast, blog, talking head) and the sales potential of video 인기팝송. The next time you create a campaign, add in some videos and embed them first on YouTube for a boost.

#2: Use Video on Your Sales and Ecommerce Pages

There is a great trend right now towards adding video on your ecommerce pages to sell each individual product that you list Download The Ninano Club. Along with optimized product descriptions, people want to see what your product really looks like or how it is used in the real world.

Think of those late night infomercials, only much less sales-orientated Superbunnyman pc free. Marketers have been having success because online marketing with video is the closest thing to high conversion face-to-face sales that exist. Great for each product page windows loader 다운로드!

online marketing with video

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#3: Additional Value For Ebooks, Whitepapers and Courses

Video is considered the most difficult form of content to create online Ainabi Manual. That is why so few small business marketers use it. However, it can take a 50 page ebook worth $15.00, and make that same ebook worth $150.00. Add value to your for-sale digital content by including walk-throughs, talking head or promotional videos like a pro google play 서비스 다운로드.

#4: Video is a Powerful Advertising Tool

Not only can marketers use video to earn additional income from ads on YouTube, they can also create and run their own brand ads using video 나르코스 다운로드. This is becoming more popular among online marketers in the small business space. A simple video will be created that has the potential to go viral (though it is an ad) and a budget set.

Then the video will be promoted on YouTube, slowly gaining in views and sending traffic to the right websites or social pages.

If you take these steps, and use video along with your other marketing initiatives – you will find that all of your conversions increase across the board. It has already been proven that websites with video get more traffic, now you just have to make that a reality.

How would you integrate video with your existing marketing initiatives?

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