How To Use Twitter For Lead Generation

By on January 20, 2015

With over 284 million monthly active users, you can definitely say Twitter is a “luxury vehicle” when it comes to social networks Download Planet Escape.

While Twitter is an incredible tool for getting breaking, real-time information from all over the globe, as well as getting celebrity gossip, it has a tremendous amount of business potential for any type of company Download the iRiver firmware. Not only does that include brand awareness, but also lead generation. In other words, ways to make money!

One lead generation method you may want to try that really does work is by listening 영심이. For example, setup a feed on a third party tool such as Tweetdeck, DrumUp or BuzzNumbers with keywords or hashtags that relate to your business 아이작 애프터버스 세이브파일. People from all over are using those words in their regular tweets. When someone uses them, send a reply from your own Twitter handle. Perhaps answer their question or at least comment on that tweet gta5 작업을 다운로드.

That personal conversation may simply just turn into a reply that says thanks. It may though, turn into a long, engaging conversation, a new follower and potentially even a new customer Download HeroMoonw.

People love attention, especially personal attention. Twitter is a great avenue to provide that and listen to what others are saying.

Another great lead generation method involves LinkedIn (The world’s biggest professional social network) with Twitter 2019 엑셀 가계부 다운로드. If you create and publish blog content, you may want to try syndicating that content via your LinkedIn page and their LinkedIn Publishing Pulse tool 오토캐드 학생용 무료. Not only will the content show your expertise on a subject to all your followers but allows others to like the content and comment on it. In addition you can set the post to syndicate as a Tweet, which then has the potential to get retweeted Download the Japanese keyboard. Utilize this new list of likes, commenters, retweeters and followers by starting a conversation with them on Twitter or connecting with them on LinkedIn Download Mount & Blade. Use the topic you wrote about as an icebreaker and then find out their needs. Before you know it, you may have yourself a new lead!

Social media is all about connecting and networking. Instead of the old-fashioned cold call, why not try this new approach and see how social networks like Twitter and LinkedIn can turn small talk into big business!

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Elizabeth Victor is Brand Advisor for Isentia News Tracking and media monitoring. She enjoys sharing social media tips and trends.

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