How to Use YouTube Ads to Create Conversions

By on March 23, 2018

YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine after Google. If you own a business today, you’ll need to follow the marketplace’s rules and aim your attention toward the most popular distribution channels. YouTube is one of them, and the potential you can extract from it is indescribable.

“Unlike the majority of YouTube advertisers who advertise in order to generate brand awareness, you can actually use YouTube ads to a more specific (and often more important) purpose: to generate conversions.” – Mark Hard, Marketing Manager at

In today’s post, you’ll learn how to effectively leverage YouTube ads to get more conversions 넌 is 뭔들 mp3 다운로드. It’s important for you to pay attention, yet it’s critical to act. Take action on the knowledge you get and your strategies will deliver remarkable results. Let’s get started.

1.   Understand YouTube Ads

The first and most important thing you must do before investing real bucks is to properly understand how YouTube ads work Maple Story live apk.

There are two big types of YouTube ads: non-skippable and skippable.

Non-skippable ads can only be 15-20 seconds long. For the user to get access to the YouTube video, he/she has to watch the entire video, without being able to skip it.

Skippable ads can be any length, as YouTube doesn’t clearly specify the exact metrics Download Tibetan music. However, they do recommend you keep it around 15 to 30 seconds, or, if you want it to be slightly longer, 3 minutes or somewhere around that. People can skip these ads, and many do. However, an interesting study shows that 72% of skippable ads are watched until the end of the video Download your new resume.

When you’re looking for conversions, you’ll want to be as non-intrusive as you possibly can. That means that non-skippable ads are out of discussion unless you really consider that people must listen.

That leaves you with the skippable ads, the “in-stream” ads, as YouTube calls them. Next, you’ll need to establish your target audience and the strategies that you’ll approach 카메라 애플리케이션.

2.   Establish a Very Specific Audience

You should develop a target persona. This is the imaginary “ideal customer” that will soon convert into a lead or sale.

  • What are his needs?
  • What are his problems avr 다운로드?
  • What are his biggest dreams, desires, and hopes?
  • What would capture his attention?
  • What products would this imaginary person buy when he’s in trouble?
  • Nationality/age/gender
  • What are his interests?
  • What YouTube channels did he subscribe to?
  • What type of videos does he like 코리아캐스트? Instructional? Inspiring? Entertaining?

The better you develop your target persona the better you’ll craft and market your ads.

3.   Leverage Remarketing

In my opinion, remarketing is the most effective advertising options that YouTube puts at your disposal show. In simple terms, remarketing allows you to target only the traffic that has interacted with your website, video, or ads. It’s enough for people to interact just once and they’ll be ready for your retargeting campaign. Here are just some of the user actions that YouTube allows you to base your ads retargeting campaign on:

  • When a person views any video from your/any channel
  • When a user likes any video from your/any channel
  • When a person subscribes to your channel/any channel
  • When a user adds a video to a playlist
  • When a person views certain videos (that you select)

4.   You Only Get a Few Seconds to Draw the Attention

YouTube ads are all about grabbing the attention fast 킹스맨 자막. The user has to immediately connect with your message and truly listen, otherwise,no real action will be taken. For this to work, you’ll need to understand your audience like you understand yourself. You will also have to consistently test and tweak your ads campaign to find out the best variant. Keep your ads short, valuable, and concise!

5.   Add a Strong CTA

Number one rule: add a strong call-to-action and encourage people to take action 윈도우즈 10 pro. As I mentioned earlier, your purpose is to generate conversions, not to improve your business awareness. Therefore, all of your ads must clearly emphasize the importance of taking action nowby clicking on the ad to see more. 


YouTube video ads, if leveraged in the most strategic ways, can be a true goldmine for your business. The amount of traffic, engagement, and ultimately conversions that your site gets is entirely dependent on your time and attention commitment. Good luck!

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