Websites that Wow: 4 Strategies for Maximizing your Online Marketing

By on November 18, 2015

After all the effort put into getting online, you’re proud of your business’ beautiful website. The hours paid off; the site has launched. Despite some glitches and wrinkles at the start, your team worked tirelessly to fix and flatten them.

So why is your website getting less traffic than it should, and why are customers having trouble finding it? Let’s examine what you can do- both online and offline- to boost traffic and raise the exposure of your website 네이버 주소록 다운로드.

Wake Up Your Website

Pretty pictures are important. Compelling personality and a strong voice are more important. In order to personify and amplify your business, your website has to wake up and say something. Words are the best way to convey your brand as unique and the right words set your brand apart from the rest. We’ve all heard that content is king, but just because you’ve got optimized content in place, doesn’t mean it’s going to dominate the world (wide web.) That’s why maintaining a blog is such a fundamental piece of your identify pie win8 다운로드. The slice from which your social networks get fed.

Appoint a member of your staff to create positive, relevant and call-to-action messages. The writer has to impart a persuasive sense of what your company is all about. Blogs generate content and content creates links and links get shared and everyone comes to your site. We know that. What we often fail to realize is that boring blogs and bad writing doesn’t just prevent that creation cycle- it completely demolishes it 마소 오피스 다운로드.

Blogs empower users by keeping them in the know. Your blog has to enable users and future customers to learn something new. For example, within the travel industry, a hotel website’s blog should inform readers about current events. Users have to feel like they’re “let in on something.” That by being a follower, especially on social channels, they are getting the latest (time sensitive) scoop on things 히로미. A recent survey asserts that a blog has a 63% likelihood of influencing purchasing decisions. That’s a far more impressive hit rate than that of traditional media such as newspapers.

Don’t, however, drown your readers in walls of text. Be exciting on the eyes and stimulating for the variety in your posting and publishing 창세기전 3 파트 2. Break up the text monopoly with high quality photography, original infographics, short videos and other media. Deliver these every 2 to 3 paragraphs, and keep your readers entertained and engaged. Make sure these alternative mediums are optimized for mobile devices.

Wow To Look At

Computer and mobile screens are fundamentally visual displays 트로픽 썬더. (It’s incredible to have to remind ourselves of that, but for how much reading we do, we often forget!) Avoid inundating your audience with huge boxes of text in tiny fonts. The appearance of your business through imagery is crucial for consumers on the brink of clicking-to-buy, booking or purchasing. Push them past the finish line by putting your pictures into motion Hangul 2010 Crack. Tell a story worth watching. Give them a visual tour of your property, products or services and you will greatly increase the likelihood for conversion.

Articles are more likely to be shared if they contain images. On some channels it’s a requirement. (Instagram, anyone?) Visual content receives up to 94% more page views than content without 나눔 바른 고딕 다운로드.

Socially Savvy

Skillfully employed social media shows your brand’s fun side. (Hopefully what’s being shared already comes from a website that wows.) Increasingly, this tone is preferred by users over a more stoic “business” tone. Making sure that what you’re sharing is truly fun, makes your brand more likely to reach the ever-widening, fun-loving audience out there.

Although social media is an obvious companion to your campaign, some of your competitors, believe it or not, may not have jumped on the bandwagon yet 토익 무료 모의고사. Not your concern, those that still profess to “not care” or “care little” about their business’s presence and popularity on social media. Get even farther ahead of the competition and build your reputation consistently and constantly 첨부파일 강제.


Face-to-face, brick-and-mortar businesses know that treating customers as the most important customers in the world, every single time, is the rule. Always leave them happy. Online it’s the same. A personalized checkout for new users is very important.
personalized checkout
Make your shopping cart, booking engine, or pay now page an easy process that leaves customers feeling good about their decision. (So good, they write a great review about your business!)

For instance, TripAdvisor integrates with users’ Facebook accounts and gains access to their interests and where they have travelled. Using that data, an aggregate profile is available for them from which they’re able to make more personalized recommendations tailored to their users.

It’s time to work on your home– where the business lives, where users go and where they’ll want to return to again and again. A website that wows will deliver consistent, captivating content that incites conversion. There, where users feel confident about doing business with you and look forward to coming back for more. Don’t be surprised to realize your website might be the best advertising of all your marketing tools.

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Courtney Capellan obtained her B.A. from the Jackson School of International Studies at the University of Washington - specializing in foreign policy and diplomacy. She's a creative technical writer and enjoys contributing thoughts on digital marketing, productivity, social media, international affairs and travel. Away from the keyboard, Courtney practices yoga, plays golf and enjoys the beach with her dog in San Diego, California.

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