What Facebook Analytics Mean To Your Page

By on October 24, 2012

If you have a company Facebook page, then you probably receive emails updating you about your Facebook Insights progress. Today, I’m going to walk you through what that is, and how you can use these analytics to run a popular and interactive Facebook business page.

Navigating and Using Facebook Insights

It can be daunting for any small business to review their own analytics data. It’s nice to see that people are responding to your page – but what do you do with this information Download Little Forest? More to the point – how do you use this information to get even more response from your fans?

Total Likes

The total amount of likes on your page is an important metric. The higher the number – the more chances you have of reaching people.

Tip! Part of your analytics strategy should be to increase your total likes Download the xcode simulator!

Friends of Fans

The ‘friends of fans’ metric tells you how many people you could reach through your total likes. In other words, these are the friends of your fans who may see your posts.

Tip! You’ll want to improve your friends of fans metric to extend your reach 넷 버스 다운로드!

People Talking About This

Your ‘people talking about this’ metric just lets you know when people are engaging with your brand. It could be anything, from liking, to commenting, sharing or checking-in. It’s a decent metric to know about, as it improves your Edgerank score between certain people Download pikachu movies.

Weekly Total Reach

Weekly total reach is really a good metric to know about. That’s because it tells you how many people have actually SEEN your content. Yes, they could have scrolled past it, or not looked at it directly – but it was there – which means they could have been exposed to your message Download the Household App.

Tip! It’s a great idea to try and extend your reach in any way that you can.

Total Subscribes

This metric simply tells you how many outside parties are subscribing to your page.

People Saw This Post

A number will appear detailing how many people ‘saw’ your post – again it is simply telling you how many people could have seen it 출장보고서 양식. It’s a start – if you increase this number only good things can happen in your business.

Overview Page

Okay, so how do you actually take all of this information and make it useful? Take a look inside your overview section. Scroll to the bottom and you’ll see a list of your posts and how popular each one was. Organize these into hierarchies 센과 치히로의 행방불명 자막.

If you don’t yet – have at least 5 ‘easy to identify’ post types that you can test. Find out which ones test the best, and try to repeat that formula. Give your Facebook fans what they want!

Likes Page

Use your likes page to check on your demographics. What is the age of your fans Download Linux Wireshark? Who of these are men, or women? Who is interacting more? How can you get them to respond more often? How can you get more response out of the age groups that aren’t responding?

Answer these questions and test some gender, age and location based posts.


Check on how many page views you get in the ‘reach’ section 한국형 리듬. See which days you got the increase in page views. Come up with a strategy to increase your page views. Test different things and track the progress using certain days as markers.

Use these tips to put together a mini analytics strategy to steadily improve your fan count, reach and popularity on Facebook!

Which Facebook metric do you think is the most important of all Download korean subtitles? I’d like to hear your opinion!

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