What Is Buffer and How Can You Use it on LinkedIn?

By on March 9, 2012

LinkedIn is making some great decisions about the app functionality on their website. Most recent, is the addition of Buffer to your marketing arsenal 픽사베이. In today’s post we’re going to examine what Buffer is, and how you should be using it to improve your LinkedIn strategy.

What is Buffer 유튜브 컴퓨터?

Buffer is a social content management tool that people have been using on Facebook and Twitter for some time Linux Python. It neatly and simply queues your posts, and then publishes them for you at specific times during the day. You can pre-schedule these publishing times, so that your pages always have some nice fresh content 몬스터헌터4g 다운로드.

LinkedIn has just joined the list of buffer fans, which means that you can now create, queue and auto-publish on the business network.

How To Use Buffer

To use Buffer, you need to sign up with a Buffer account Download your voice to show. Once your account is up and running, you can connect it to your social profiles – including LinkedIn. Then it’s up to you to use the browser extension or Buffer button to find and queue info 워킹데드 시즌9.

You can do this by browsing the web and clicking on your Buffer button to queue up the post you’re reading. This post will then sit in your Buffer profile, until you are ready to set a publish date 마피아 2 다운로드. The great thing about Buffer is that it formats the posts naturally, so that they look like hand written posts.

Unlike Twitter, these posts generate more responses because of the way they are formatted Download the waterboarding calculator. If you find that no one in your LinkedIn community responds to your Tweet updates, then perhaps it’s time to switch to buffering your information. It’s a new and fairly organic way to curate and share content on your LinkedIn profile Download the Ratatouy movie.

Buffer allows you to publish certain bits of content on certain platforms. This reduces the repetition that happens across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn architectural panel. In doing this you can add more value to your LinkedIn profile, with exclusive business orientated content that speaks to your business network.

Segmenting Your Audience

I’ve explained before that audience segmentation is important if you want to interest different types of fans in certain networks, or indeed one fan in all of your networks.

You must publish original content on each platform, and curate great articles for individual platforms as you browse the web. Buffer makes this process easy, and it doesn’t require any fangled extras.

Use Buffer to add genuinely interesting content to your LinkedIn stream, to get more responses from your business network. You can also add a Buffer button to your blog, if you want to boost interaction there. Data has shown that Buffer actually generates more interaction than the Google+ button, so it’s worth using!

What do you think of Buffer, and has it added value to your LinkedIn stream? All reports are welcome! We want to get to the bottom of this new tool, with your help – so add your experience below!

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