Why Content Marketing and Social Media WIN in Business

By on July 26, 2013
content marketing

Social media can be a petulant friend, ever-changing and incredibly demanding of your time. It has dominated the newswires now for at least 5 years, causing hysteria among marketers and small business owners 풍산개. But today I propose the renewal of an old alliance between content marketing and social media. Let’s chat about it.

Content Marketing and Social Media On Fire Anifang Poker!

As I explained in a previous post, content marketing is like social media marketing’s great grandfather 바람을 따라서 다운로드. It’s been around for a very long time. But lately the new generation of social media marketers have rediscovered how powerful it is, and are now calling it the ‘new’ social media marketing Bootcamp. Those of us that have been around the block, know better.

It’s interesting to me that social media had to rise first, before content marketing became a real concern for brands and small businesses all over the world Download Titanic data. Now that is has risen, and it’s getting a bit more media coverage – it certainly makes it easier to explain why ALL small businesses need an INTEGRATED content marketing strategy Download the latest supported visual c++ support.

*This is also called an integrated social media strategy depending on the person you talk to!

This is just a fancy way of saying – the brands that focus on social media now, should turn their attention to other forms of content marketing to optimize their results Download Miracle sorority of the Sully Hudson River.

Social Media and Content Marketing: Peas and Carrots

For example: Liz owns a hairdressing salon. Her social media strategy is quite successful – she has 4600 legitimate Facebook fans, 2400 Twitter fans and 14000 fans on Pinterest Download streaming music. The engagement on these pages is great, and she is getting new clients every day from her social strategy, that she spends 2 hours working on daily.

How can Liz further leverage her social communities Dawn's Escort? Through content marketing! A wise content marketer will tell her to create an interesting ebook or whitepaper about her business, to sell directly to her customers or to other salon owners.

content marketing

Courtesy of noteasytoforget.com

She will set up a website, a landing page and create her awesome ebook – all content marketing processes. But THEN she will use her blog and social media properties to sell this ebook or drive traffic to her sales pages.

By combining her social media sales funnel with her ‘online’ sales funnel, she is able to leverage both forms of marketing to create a new revenue stream.

This is what is called an integrated content marketing strategy, because it integrates your existing social media into your process.

When Do I Move On To Content Marketing?

Once you have a decent community base on your social media pages, you can leverage them to earn additional income for your business using content marketing.

Because most small businesses never get to that point – where their communities are highly engaged, buzzing, sharing and commenting – they never get to take the next step. Now that you know the step exists, you can work towards setting that goal for your small business.

If your social media communities are dynamic enough, you can begin to sell content there to supplement your business income and build a reputation for yourself as an authority in your niche. It’s like online peas and carrots!

What do you think of running an integrated content marketing campaign?

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