Why Every Blogger Should Produce Long Form Content

By on August 2, 2019

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Blogging is an excellent strategy for growing a website, attracting clients, and generating revenue dialux. However, blogging changes just as fast as any other industry so you need to stay up to date to get the results you want.

What’s one of the latest trends in blogging 매직 아레나 다운로드? Long form content. You see this term thrown around a lot these days but many bloggers are still confused about what long form content is and how to produce it 구글 플레이스토어 다운로드.

Follow along as I cover why every blogger needs to focus on long form content in 2019 and what it is.

What is long form content Download the radio era now?

Long form content is any blog post that exceeds the 800-1,000 word range. Some marketers will debate the exact word count that enters long form territory, but the general idea is moving away from short blog posts and creating more resourceful and lengthy articles Download iPhone App Store data.

There are many benefits of producing this style of content which brings me to my next point e알리미 다운로드.

It is proven to rank better in the SERPs

Long form content has been found to rank higher in Google’s search results than shorter content Mx master. In fact, Backlinko performed a study in which they analyzed over one million Google results to discover new trends. They concluded that the average #1 result was 1,890 words long 큐베이스 크랙.

Search engines like Google want to reward the highest quality content and those which users interact the most with Download Mr. Shen Shine Episode 1. This means their algorithm also measures click-through rate, bounce rate, and average time spent on-page. Since providing more information for readers is ultimately Google’s largest goal, long form content can shoot you to the top of the SERPs Download War of the Bells.

More users will share it on social media

Not only does long form content rank better which implies more organic traffic to your blog but it also attracts more social shares. This creates a viral effect in which users share your content and their friends share it as well at no extra cost for you as the blogger.

This makes sense, too. Long form content packs more value, so readers will be more likely to share it since it can have a larger impact on their friends. Focus on creating the most practical and entertaining piece of content to promote social sharing with this in mind.

It offers more value to readers

One of the main reasons to produce long form content and why it performs so well is for the simple fact it’s more useful. You can offer much more resources, strategies, and information in longer content than short posts. This means that your readers will l enjoy your content more which can, in turn, keep them coming back to your blog in the long term.

Wrapping up

Long form content is a great strategy for any blogger looking to drive more organic traffic to their website, attract more social shares, and stand out in their niche.

While it’s up to debate what exact word count to achieve, try to hit the 800-1,000 mark or beyond if you want to make something truly special for your audience.

Add as many resources, tools, and actionable advice in each article to make it practical. Readers should be able to consume the content and immediately know what to do next.

So, what are you waiting for? Start producing long form content today and watch your blog grow.

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