Why Ignoring Pinterest is a Huge Mistake for Your Business

By on October 23, 2018

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Pinterest is a social network that focuses on the visual discovery and sharing of interesting things. It allows users to “pin” images, gifs, or videos on their boards or others users’ boards. It visually connects people who share the same interests by allowing users to share the things they like and browse through the posts of others.

Similar to how most social media networks work, Pinterest comes with such features as the ability to like posts, follow other users, “re-pin” the “pins” of other users, and post comments 빠샤메카드 다운로드. These features, if used correctly, can create advantages for businesses. If you have not tried using Pinterest yet, you are likely missing out on several benefits.

It is one of the world’s top websites

According to statistics from Alexa, Pinterest is the 28th most popular website in the United States and the 77th in the world. Being in the top 100 is no joke. Alexa may not be that precise with its web traffic measurements, but it’s already an achievement to enter the top 500 java jvm 다운로드. This means that if you are looking to find more audiences for your online marketing efforts, Pinterest is definitely not a bad network to exploit.

Pinterest has a bounce rate of 55.5%, which is lower than Twitter’s 56.7% and Instagram’s 61%. Bounce rate refers to the percentage of people who visit and leave a site without doing anything. A lower bounce rate is better. Additionally, Pinterest has an average pageview of 3.49, which is higher than Twitter’s 2.92.

On the other hand, market research and business intelligence portal Statista says that Pinterest is the sixth most popular mobile social networking app in the United States Download Logitech Setpoint. Accordingly, it attracted 58.23 million users in July 2018. This is not that far behind the 70.21 million user count of Twitter, one of the social media platforms commonly used by marketers. It is expected that this number will reach 87.2 million by 2022.

Other sources also consider Pinterest as one of the most popular social networking sites. According to social media and content marketing information site Dreamgrow, as of August 2018, Pinterest already has around 200 million users, making it the 8th leading social network of the world Download Norazo Superman. Pew Research Center also conducted a study and found that Pinterest is the third most popular social media among adults in the United States, with a 29% market share.

Pinterest gets good traffic from search engines

According to Alexa, 29.4% of Pinterest traffic comes from search engines, considerably higher than Twitter’s 9.8%, Instagram’s 10.5%, and Facebook’s 7.4%. Higher traffic from search engines means that you will not only be relying on the social media platform itself for the hits. The nearly 30% traffic of Pinterest from social media that promotion campaign on Pinterest also has a good potential to reach non-users of the social media platform Nero 8. It cannot replace a full-blown SEO campaign, but it’s a big advantage being able to publish marketing materials on Pinterest that are also crawled by search engine bots.

It easily interlinks with other platforms

Aside from being search engine friendly, Pinterest also stands out for being easy to interlink with other social networking platforms. It emphasizes the use of keywords and hashtags, which is not only good for search engine ranking but also makes content easily visible to other platforms Cool School video. It can be quickly linked with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media.

Pinterest has glowing statistics relevant to businesses

If the points above don’t sound convincing enough, consider the following statistics.

Around half of Pinterest’s users earn at least $50,000 yearly, and 40% have an annual household income of at least $100,000 Baseball Mogul. Also, according to a Shopify study, Pinterest users tend to have larger shopping carts. If you want to target consumers who have the purchasing power, you can find many on Pinterest.

According to Deep Focus Intelligence Group’s US Pinterest audience study in March 2017, 1 of 2 millennials use Pinterest at least once every month. Tech-savvy millennials are an attractive target for marketing campaigns as many of them tend to have more disposable income. Many of them are graduating from college, are having their first job, in a relationship, or are involved in activities and milestones that entail a lot of spending Coffee Prince No. 1.

If these don’t sound compelling enough, Pinterest says that 93% of its active users use the platform in planning their purchases. A separate study somewhat supports this information. According to Millward Brown, 87% of Pinterest users decided to buy a product because of Pinterest. Additionally, Pinterest users are said to be open to marketing content. Around ⅔ of the content posted on Pinterest are from businesses. This is apparently something users know and accept based on a study by Ahalogy, which claims that Pinterest users or “pinners” are eager to connect with brands (they prefer to follow brands/stores over celebrities) 네이버 주소록 다운로드.

Moreover, Pinterest is said to drive approximately 7.53% of all referral traffic to websites. This number is only second to Facebook’s based on a study by Shareaholic. Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and Google+ trail behind Pinterest by a mile when it comes to referral traffic.

Social media marketing is certainly not just about Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. There are other options worth exploring, and Pinterest is one of the best there is. Even better, it is visually-oriented so it would complement your efforts for localization services on your online marketing campaign as you try to penetrate markets with different languages win8 다운로드.

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