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We are always looking for talented writers to contribute to our blog. We would love to hear from you if you are passionate about social media Cheat. Our writers include business owners that share their experiences of how social media has impacted their business, business professionals currently in (or pursuing) social media careers and social media advocates from diverse backgrounds Pomtech Design Pro. We particularly welcome writers who value, promote, and ensure content quality above all else. Keep reading to find out how to write for us!

The FAQs below should help clarify our process:

Why Contribute to Social Media Impact (SMI) Download Singsung Sung?

Your post will receive broad exposure and it will be promoted to thousands of people on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook. Not only do you gain exposure, you build credibility with top influencers from diverse business backgrounds abzu.

What should I write about?

Anything related to social media in business. You can take a look through our archives to figure out which topics have already been covered Download Lenovo Vantage. We ask that your article fit into the categories shown in the site menu.

Who is the intended audience?

The SMI audience is quite diverse ds video 다운로드. Our readers consist of business professionals from all walks of life and consist of individuals with a strong interest in social media, ranging from beginners to subject matter experts Download the medical books.

What are the requirements of posting on SMI?

Our requirements are simple:

  • All content must be original
  • All sources must be cited
  • We do not accept posts that are political in nature
  • We do not accept posts that contain profanity
  • We do not accept posts that are disparaging by race, religion, age, or sexual orientation
  • We do not accept posts that are intended as a marketing tool for other products or contains affiliate links
  • We do not accept posts that have already been published on any other site (including your own)

What is the requirement for the length of the post Download flash source?

Our posts range in length, but are usually 500 – 800 words, or more but no more than 1200 words. Generally, we expect the posts to be long enough to explore your topic but short enough to keep our readers engaged yum rpm 다운로드.

Will the post be edited?

Each post is edited to look for simple typos and grammar mistakes. However, we expect posts that are submitted to us to be of the highest quality and should be submitted as FINAL copies that are ready to be published. Your post will not be published if it does not meet our standards either in writing style, organization, or content. Please note that the submission of a post is not an automatic guarantee that it will be published.

Who owns my posts?

Our authors retain ownership of their work. However, any content published on SMI will be covered by the Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike 3.0 license. This allows us to publish your work for non-commercial purposes as long as we credit you as the author.

By submitting a post, you grant IMV, LLC world-wide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty free, non-exclusive, fully sub-licensable license(s) to use, distribute, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, publicly perform and publicly display your post (in whole or in part) and to incorporate your comments into other works in any format or medium now known or later developed.

How will I be credited?

Your post will contain a line like “Guest post by Jennifer Smith” and (if your name is something other than Jennifer Smith) it will be tagged with your name. This way, you will have a URL that shows all of your published posts in one place. As previously stated, submission of a post is not an automatic guarantee that it will be published. We reserve the right to not publish posts that do not meet our standards either in writing style, organization, or content.

You can learn more about the Google Authorship program here.

How do I get started?

Just fill out the application form below. When you are accepted as an author, you will receive further details. If you are not accepted we will provide explanation and give you another chance to meet our requirements.


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